Our Constitution's Value to Others

Our Constitution's Value to Others

Last week my lovely wife treated me to an all inclusive week at Puntacan in the Dominican Republic for our anniversary. At a rendezvous with some new friends at one of the bars, I struck up a conversation with a man seated beside me. "Serge' my friend from Moscow" as I greeted him for the rest of the week, as he would always greet me with a flamboyant "LARRY! My friend from Boston!" was on vacation with a group from Russia.

So, we started that conversation out upon meeting, and it soon turned to politics. I give Serge' credit for his grasp of the English language after only a three month study. I had to complete many sentences for him as he understood better than he spoke, often searching for words he knew but couldn't find. After much talk of freedom and fear, and the emergence of his nation, he said to me, "What we need now... is a constitution like America's" I took my pocket size copy out and placed it on the bar between us and said "You mean this one?" He put his arm around me and said "I can tell that you are a good man." At that moment, the Dominican waiter behind the bar stopped, and stared as if I had placed a ten pound gold brick on display.

I looked at this young man, and saw innocence and desire radiating from his expression as he asked me if there was ANY WAY I could get him a copy. It was my only one, somewhat smooth in the middle and worn on the edges from constant carry and use. I looked at Surge' and back at the waiter, and I say without shame, my eyes welled up, and I couldn't speak for a moment, which my wife who'd been engaged in conversation with others beside me noticed. She asked if I was ok. I could only nod that I was, and I pushed that copy of our most precious document across the bar to my other new friend. I hope it will in some way change his life for the better.

It was a most humbling experience to be abroad, and meet two people from two other countries, who expressed such reverence and respect for the operating manual for my own country. Especially since so many people around the world display hostility and hatred towards us with no apology, and total lack of appreciation for what we do globally. Though our government is often sickeningly shameless in their actions, I believe the majority of American people are generous and giving when we aren't being forced to help others.

That was the most rewarding and memorable moment I took away from that week in paradise. I realize now that there are others around the world who want what we have. Who don't see America as the evil empire so many portray us as being. With the governments out of the way, I believe that we can be friends with most people globally, without being a global society. Inherently, people are good, despite the few greedy elite poisoning their minions who we elect and grant power to, which they abuse. And it pains me every day when I see the complacency, lack of appreciation, and disrespect many American's have for this great gift our founding fathers gave us which we have to defend and preserve so diligently. A Republic's Constitution others so desire, respect, and yearn for.

When our backs get pushed against the wall. When evil crosses the line we draw in the sand. When we are finally forced to make our stand against evil, rest assured patriots, we will not stand alone.

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