By John W. Lillpop

Millions of American citizens are in serious financial trouble.

Consider the pandemic of economic ruin running rampant in our great nation:

Unemployment and underemployment have idled or undercut 14-25 million Americans. In the black community, the devastation is even more pronounced, the suffering all the greater.

Foreclosures and bankruptcies are at record levels.

Millions of Americans owe more on their homes than the homes are worth.

40-50 million Americans are on food stamps.

Young adults are being forced to move back into the homes of their parents just to survive.

New graduates from college are finding jobs nearly non-existent.

Skyrocketing costs for food, medicine and bare essentials are forcing millions to choose between vital medicines and paying the rent or mortgage.

The nation debt is at 14 trillion and counting, with no way out for the federal government.

On and on it goes as Americans are pummeled by the ravages of recession, and a government that refuses to take our dire financial circumstance to heart.

The bitter, awful truth is that America is broke.

Once looked to as the ‘Sugar Daddy’ for the world, our great, benevolent nation must now stand in line, with tin cup in hand.

The absolutely maddening question in all this is: With tens of millions of American citizens suffering so greatly, why in the hell are  politicians, mostly, but not all, Democrats so anxious to spend money on illegal aliens, people who have no legitimate legal or moral basis for being here?

Why are Democrats like Harry Reid and Barack Obama pushing a DREAM act for illegal aliens when millions of citizens are so desperate?

What sense does it make for a state (like Texas, to name one) to allow illegal aliens to take advantage of in-state tuition rates? Are there no American citizens who are just as needy and actually worthy of such benevolence, in Texas and other American states?

With so many Americans unable to secure sustainable employment, why in the hell are Barack Obama and most Democrats chopping at the bit to grant amnesty to 12-20 illegal aliens, millions of whom are in jobs which should be filled by Americans?

Illegal aliens cost taxpayers $110 billion a year! A super committee of Congress is working to cut $1.5 trillion dollars from the deficit, and yet NO ONE is questioning the prudence of spending $110 billion a year on illegal aliens! WHY?

The once great state of California is perennially burdened with a shortfall of about $10 billion. California spends about that amount to support illegal aliens each year—why is NO ONE investigating this outrageous and foolish failure to protect the citizenry of this liberal-infested state?

Have our leaders all lost their damn minds? Why in the hell are state governments all across America firing hundreds of thousand of citizens while funding benefits of illegal alien?

Some will accuse me of immigrant bashing, racism, anti-Hispanic hate speech and other gooey-eyed liberal accusations; charges made to avoid accountability and the truth.

The real truth is that America can no longer afford to allow tens of millions of uneducated, unskilled, and non-speaking foreigners to ignore our borders and immigration laws while American citizens suffer so desperately!

That is not racism—rather, to quote a befuddled community organizer of some prominence, it is the math!

Time to heed the math and end the invasions of our great nation AND deport the illegal aliens already here!
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