By: Juan Reynoso, activist  -     STAND FOR AMERICA

"Americas must realize that self-scrutiny is not treason. Self-examination is not disloyalty."

Seek the truth and expose and prosecute corruption.

Open letter to the Republican politicians of this United States:

We the people have work hard to place you in office to represent the people. This is your opportunity to correct all the wrong done by the Bush and Obama administration and avoid a revolution in our country; the people have enough of the Washington culture of corruption and the blank disregard for the rule of law and moral leadership and authority in our country. Our country has been run by a small army of political sycophants that believe that the end justified the means, and through a system of corruption, lies, deception and betrayal have transformed our nation into the most corrupt country in the world. The world’s predator, killers without values and remorse that kill our own people to get what they want.

Our Judicial system, under Alberto Gonzales and Eric Holder give the Bush and Obama administration the ill tools to kill thousands including our own soldiers in illegal unlawful wars, promoted by lies and deception and supported by the news media that fail to expose the truth and avoid this crime against humanity.

We all know now that the wars are all about the control of the Arab oil reserve; and the wars and the so call war on terrorism are made by the United States under the Bush and the Obama administration. We ask The Republican Party to restore in our US Government, moral leadership, values and most important our US Constitution, the rule of law and our God given rights to freedom and liberty; We voted for you and we expect that you serve the people.

We have some political and corporate criminals that the Bush and Obama administration have given amnesty and impunity for crimes committed against the US people and humanity. This United States was founded under the rule of law and justice for all, no man is above the law in our country and we all must answer for our crimes and actions and no man have the power to give impunity to anyone for crimes committed against the people. Any person that believe that he got the power to dictate who will be prosecute and who will be protected and given impunity is guilty of violating their oath, our constitution and the rule of law and most important the trust of the people in our government, because if we cannot trust in our own government why do we have a government in the first place. American wants a government by the people and for the people. Please do not betray the people, avoid a revolution, the people will not be suppress by government corruption.

Your agenda is simple and should be an agenda to restore the people trust in our government.

We want for you to take the following actions.

1-     Prosecute Eric Holder

2-     Prosecute George W. Bush for crimes committed against the American people

3-     Impeach Barack Obama for failure to stop the wars and expose the war crimes committed by the Bush administration and used the Bush administration foreign policies to continue the war crimes.

4-     Prosecute the director of the NSA, CIA, FBI, Home land Security, The Bush administration, the Obama administration, The IRS and the Director of the FDA.


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