Open Letter to Rep S Cohen ( D- TN)


                                                                                                                   October 21, 2013

An Open Letter to Rep S Cohen ( D – TN)

Via Fax to 1-202-225-5663 and Facebook


Rep Cohen ( D-TN), you  called Tea Party members or their Congressmen Domestic Enemies.


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It was pointed out that you are ignorant of the oath you took.

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However, far more important is his extremely provocative and ignorant comment at the very end. He claims that he took an oath to protect “the country against enemies foreign and domestic,” and then he claims that “these are the domestic enemies.”

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I’ll give you a pass on your ignorance of the oath you took….


If you TRULY believe that your oath was….. to protect “the country against enemies foreign and domestic,”

Then I have some questions you should answer.


Where were you when illegal aliens were allowed to freely invade our country against the Laws of our Country

They are at least foreign enemies and likely also domestic enemies after they invaded and raped  our domestic aid programs and then protested and demanded more. Where were you?


Where were you when obama FAILED to provide help to our American patriots in Benghazi?


Where were you when it became accepted fact that the Domestic Terrorists at the IRS undermined and severely abused our Constitution?


Where were you on Fast and Furious?


Where were you on NSA?


I could go on but I you should have the point by now.


I dare you to answer my questions, preferably on a public forum where they will be reported








M. G. Isaac



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  • It is obvious both the establishment elite ruling political class Republicans and Democrats are afraid of the Tea Party. At this point it is important for the Tea Party to pick a candidate they can run for President. We need a Tea Party President that can get us out of this mess the Self serving Establishment elite ruling political class has got us into by creating a system that makes them powerful and rich plus keeps them in power while they rob the country and the Citizens of their dignity by devaluing and stealing their money by spending more money than necessary thus taxing more than required and then printing a trillion dollars to devalue the dollar. We have a group of emperors in office led by a complete idiot that wants to burn the house down. We need the Tea Party to think bigger and hold a convention that is small in size at a small cost and effective in picking a Presidential Candidate that can Win! We will then see the Republicans and the Democrats show their respect to the Tea Party the same way they are now kissing the feet of the illegal immigrants to gain the votes of the Hispanics. It is a sorry state of affairs when the Government will not protect our borders from terrorist and drug smugglers. It makes you wonder if they are all smoking coke and dependent on their supply of drugs coming across the border and will risk the country to make sure it is available. Go Tea Party..... We Can put a person in the White House and control the Republican party....

  • Chris,

    Me too!

  • We shouldn't hide from being called enemies from "Representatives" like this.  We are their enemies. Enemies to their corruption, their ideology, feeling of self importance, as well as enemies to their goal of transforming America to a socialist/communist society.  I'll wear that tag of enemy to this all day long.

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