By: Juan Reynoso, WTP – activist  -     STAND FOR AMERICA

"Americas must realize that self-scrutiny is not treason. Self-examination is not disloyalty."

Open letter to Mr. Barack Obama. Re: your legacy as the 44th, President of the United States.

For the record, I voted for you; because I believe in your promise about an immigration reform,  get our economic in the right path and stop the wars in the Middle East. Mr. President this is the truth; most Americans know you, as “the President of Broken Promises”, a liar that deceived and betray the people that voted for you. The following are the main promises that you made to the people of this country, but you fail to delivered, because your lack of will in your part showing, that what it is important to the people was not of any importance to you and the Democratic party.

1-      You promised a government of transparency. Today our country’s corruption is rampant most agencies of your administrations are corrupt. The CIA, The FBI, The DEA, The U.S. Dept. of justice, The FDA, The NSA and many others. The collusion of corporate America and the Washington establishment is out of control.

2-      You promised to end the wars in the Middle East, but you expanded the military interventions and the use the CIA, Saudi Arabia and Israel on proxy wars supplying the rebel forces with arms and destroyed the Middle East and Yemen. You Mr. President and George W. Bush the convicted war criminal, under the pretense of defending our country continue the war on terrorism, killing millions including innocent women and children, destroy cities, hospitals and schools; more than 13 million children are being denied an education due to this illegal war on terrorism.

3-      You promised an immigration reform, but never make an effort nor work on this issue, you betray the Latino community that is why millions of Latinos today are independents or Republicans, you destroyed the Democratic party by lies and deception.  

4-      Mr. Obama, you promise to close GITMO. The site of America’s war crimes, that as to this date are being cover-up under the pretense of being classified information. The Cost to house one detainee a year at Guantanamo prison camps was over $800.000.00 Dollars, so we expended millions of Dollars, committed war crimes and all this for nothing, but created an image of warmongers and war criminals. Mr. president you are a war criminal, the use of drones under your direction killed thousands of innocent people including women and children.

5-      Mr. Obama, you promise to pursue a smart and efficient national security strategy, but today you claim that Russia broke our Cyber security and exposed information that affected our democracy and our elections; you accused Russia of feeding emails to WikiLeaks, this will confirm that you fail on your promise to secure our government communication including knowing what Hillary Clinton was doing without your knowledge;  that will make you an incompetent while you were in charge of our country. Mr. President you are an incompetent and a hypocrite because you fail to tell the truth about the U.S. coup in Haiti and Honduras.

6-      Mr. Obama, you promised to create jobs, grow the numbers of American to the Middle class and raised the income of the American working class; but today the American middle class is being demise and the poor American working class has become an economic slave. During your administration we lost over one million full time jobs.

7-      Mr. Obama, you broke your promise not to raise taxes on the middle-class. The truth is that today the middle-class make less money and pay more taxes. Income inequality is up, the rich in getting richer at the expenses of the American working class.

8-      Mr. Obama, Obamacare is a failure policy, you deceived the American people, you said that   Americans will keep their plans and lower the costs of health care under the Obamacare. This is a lie and you know it.

9-      Mr. Obama, you promised that you will end the Washington corruption and will close the revolving door of lobbyists working in your administration. Today this ill practice is worse, most Washington politicians have become puppets of the corporations including you. The Clinton’s made popular the “Pay to play system of fraud a legal system”; the cover-up system of getting rich at the expenses of the American people.

10-   Mr. Obama, you promise to bring both parties together and work together for the benefit of the American people; but what you have done during the eight years as President is being a dictator and used the power granted by the people to pass executive orders that demise our Democracy and worse the trust of we the American people in our Government. Mr. Obama, we the people do not trust our government; the government has become the enemy of the American working class that is why we voted for Donald Trump, we the people want a change in this our corrupt system of government. What you are doing “Accusing Russia of intervention in our elections” is a lie, you are deceiving the American people, you have no proof and your accusation is to damage our relationship with Russia and get Donald Trump on the position of control damage and get a segment of our population against Donald Trump actions from saving our country from a cold war.

11-   Mr. Obama, I believe that the world community must take action and investigate the U.S collusion with Saudi Arabia, Israel and Turkey to arm and promote proxy wars in the Middle East to destroy and control the Middle East countries   and charge you and prosecute you for war crimes. The U.S. Wars and the use of drones in the Middle East resulted in a genocide, the destruction of the Middle East and the Exodus of millions of innocent Syrian people to other countries has created an ill ideology against asylum and immigration from people that is coming from the middle East.

Mr. Obama, I pray for your soul, may God forgive you for all the killings done by your orders, you and no one else is responsible for all the killings done in our name in the Middle East, you deceive the American people, the damage is done, now it is up to President Donald Trump to deal with the mess that you and the corrupt Washington Establishment made under the pretense of Democracy and defending our interest in the world. For your info; the U.S.A do not own the world we are part of the world community and we must learn to respect the will and ideology of other countries. The respect for other people’s right is peace and prosperity; wars do not make us great, being productive and help other countries to be self-sufficient is what make us great. Bullies war mongers like the Washington establishment will destroy our country; If we fail to learn from the 15 years of wars in the Middle East, our path to self-destruction will become a reality. May God save us from our own demise.


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