The Honorable Congressman Smith                                                                              10 June 2013

The Honorable Senator Cornyn

The Honorable Senator Cruz


Good morning Gentlemen;


With the recent revelations the Executive Branch of our government is spying on Americans - instead of jihadists and terrorists - I would like to pose a few questions for your consideration.


1. Why has no one in Congress forced this administration to revoke Department of Homeland Security (DHS) document IA-0257-09 (2009)? This document gives them their extra-legislative "authority" (sic) to declare Americans are the terrorists - instead of the real terrorists. How do you think Veterans feel about being called "terrorists" when many of these Veterans gave up quite a bit (some of them body parts) to fight for this Nation? I appreciate the Letter Congressman Smith wrote Janet Napolitano back in 2009 - but Gentlemen, this is not enough. This administration clearly ignores your letters!


2. In light of the recent revelations and claims the National Security Agency (NSA) and DHS were monitoring U.S. citizens phones, Internet and financial transactions - and in light of the massive computing power available within only one of these "Data Centers".... how is it that Congress has apparently accepted the excuse that all they are doing is logging records to and from? It is patently obvious to anyone with any knowledge of computers, that only one of these "data centers" has the capability of doing that particular alleged "job" - for the entire world - yet we have multiple "data centers" scattered over the U.S. with these abilities - one of them right here in San Antonio!

Is it not a bit more likely that they are, indeed, unconstitutionally spying on Americans e-mails, Internet, texts, telephone conversations and bank transactions? With multiple "data centers" and this kind of computing horsepower, they certainly have the ability to do so. I found an article written back on 10 June 2010 in the Tea Party Economist that stated there were 854,000 paid individuals spying on Americans. How many are there today?


3. We are in "sequestration", it began this year. Congress determined the amount would be an $86 Billion dollar cut. A report this morning found within the news online "Financial Times" - that the U.S. is spending $80 Billion annually on this intelligence gathering... Granted, not all of that would be going to these "data centers", but my assumption is a majority of it indeed is... There are indeed many programs this administration is spending taxpayer money on that fly in the face of Congressional rulings and decisions - yet the House has not pulled his plug to stop his frivolous squandering of taxpayer monies  and subsequent deepening of our National Debt. This administration seems bent on depleting our resources to the point where our Nation WILL default on loans - and our economy will fall in the toilet - providing President Obama his opportunity to declare martial law in a time of peace.


Do you really want to go there?


4. We have the Veterans Administration (VA) declaring certain Veterans are incapable of handling their own finances - all without due process of law or a Court involvement - removing their 2nd Amendment rights under the Constitution of the United States and "appointing" someone other than themselves or a family member to handle all of their finances.... We have a Democratic Senator who openly stated on-camera that all Military Veterans have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and should not be allowed to own a weapon. To date; approximately 160,000 Veterans Nation-wide have lost their 2nd Amendment rights by these VA actions and these Veterans are forced to fight this illegal and unconstitutional action in a Court of Law - because Congress has provided no assistance, has taken no action to put a stop to it. This should NOT be the way a Nation treats those who fought for it.

I cannot begin to express how disgraceful this is. Words evade me.


So, Gentlemen... we have Sequestration, we have the highest deficit in U.S. history, we have Executive Branch overreach that exceeds the limits of the Constitution of the United States, we have extra-legislative regulations that violate the Constitution (EPA, IRS, HHS), we have monstrous taxpayer expenditures not approved by Congress (State Department) and extra-legislative actions authored and executed on a daily basis by an administration gone wild with power (NSA, DOJ, CIA, DHS, VA).


I would like to know when you are going to convince your peers on the other side of the isle that they too - and their constituents, are at risk here.


And here is another thought for you to chew on and review; In all of these hearings and Investigations that continue in all of the existing known scandals, and the scandals that continue to be revealed... one thing stands apparent to every American.


No one is being held accountable.


What I mean by this:  every citizen knows that if they did any one of these crimes, "Perjury to Congress", "Contempt of Congress" as examples - they would find themselves behind bars for a long time. Yet we see on a daily basis, members of this administration lying to Congress, refusing to provide information Congress demands, delaying the production of information Congress demands... and no one is locked up. They are all walking around scot-free.



I submit Congress itself is destroying the system of checks and balances by not immediately holding them accountable - by locking them up when they refuse to answer or refuse to provide the information Congress demands.


I submit Congress is creating precedent that will be continually followed by every member of this administration who does not wish their agenda revealed to the public and Congress.


Gentlemen, I am not claiming yourselves are the ones doing this - please take no offense. However, I firmly believe you would discover if Congress started locking them up - they would start talking and you probably would not be able to shut them up. All of you certainly have friends on the other side of the isle... they are not necessarily bad just because they are Democrats. It might be a very good time to start trying to convince them this Executive Branch overreach directly pertains to them and their well-being, that following a political agenda simply because it originated in their party - might not be the smartest thing to do for long-term career goals.


It is already apparent to anyone who is listening to all of this that our Nation is in the midst of a coup. No, we do not wear tin-foil hats and yes, according to one member of Congress we are all "Whacko Birds".


So be it. If that is the description we carry, we will shoulder that (yet I reiterate we do not wear tin-foil hats). What we desire of our elected is action - not words, not letters. We want our Constitutional Republic government back, we want our freedom back. We want this administration removed in its entirety and our government restored. All of you have a place in that and yes, I voted for all three of you. I will do so again, but that might prove difficult if this agenda of President Obama's continues to play out to the obvious ending.




Aubrey Mason

San Antonio, Texas


Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott

The Honorable Congressman Stockman

The Honorable Senator Paul

Chairman, House Judicial Committee, The Honorable Congressman Bob Good latté

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