Gentlemen and Ladies,

I have an issue with the "news" I witness on my local Fox channel..... (Fox 29/1029, San Antonio, Texas).
Mind you, I do not have an issue with the News I witness on Fox National - but the vast majority of Americans do not watch Fox National News - they watch their own local channel of Fox.
How can Americans form an opinion of what is REALLY going on in our Nation if they never see what is going on?
Yesterday, September 11th, 2013 was the anniversary of "9/11" where almost 3,000 people were murdered in cold blood by radical islamic (muslim) terrorists.... 
You would think that something like an organization who called themselves "The million muslim march on Washington DC on 9/11" (later called themselves "million american march against fear") would find itself on local Fox news - as this is a slap in the face to every American Citizen....  and you would think that more than a million motorcycle riders forming a "march" in protest of the "million muslim march" on 9/11, a march not only as a response to the muslim march but a tribute to 9/11 and the murders in Benghazi would make news.... Yet Americans heard absolutely NOTHING!
Yesterday History was made - yet nothing to be heard on a local Fox channel..... (or any other channel for that matter)
What kind of "reporting" is that?
I say again: How can Americans form a viewpoint or understand just how badly they are being played by main-stream-media and our government.... when the only network news (Fox) that is actually reporting on a National scale - doesn't require their local channels to report the REAL news.... and people believe what they (do not) see. 
If the Network (Fox) cannot require integrity in reporting the news from their local channels - what point is there to watching ANY network news at all?
Perhaps as a Tea Party Command Center member I should suggest - as a group - we start a boycott of all television news channels for lack of integrity....
SFC (retired) Aubrey Mason
San Antonio, Texas
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