little lies as little seeds

bring forth someday blossoms

the fruit will bring death or ill

where there is no other choice

choose death wisely


Joseph Phillip De Marco

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  • I want to relay a situation I received a few years ago. Someone contacted me with a plot to get a few people in each State to arm up, head to each State Capitol and sniper a few democrats in each legislature. I am an old guy who can hardly cross the street without help so I gave it no thought. A couple of months later I tried contacting the emailer and it had disappeared. I then wondered if it had been a fishing expedition by someone like theFBI or some other government agency.
  • AS JOHN PAUL JONES SAID " I yet begun to fight " on a sinking ship he won the battle/ must more be said, Rocky?
  • I belonged to two Tea Parties and a short time the N. Cal. Militia. All three entities dìsbanded because of leadership disagreements. I do specifically remember the IRS wanted the information you mentioned for a 501c3 group. The group refused to give it to them. They never received it before it disbanded. Most members were over 50 years old. Children today are being brainwashed in schools and don't know what the constitution even is; let alone their rights under it. California is in a sad state because the majority is democrats and illegals. I don't see enough of us old farts & Vets with the ability to do anything more than vote. Too few of us to make a difference.
  • I am afraid not. It will be by those who have been angered to the point of no return. Those who are ready to give up everything. Here we collect and exchange info. I belonged to a couple Tea Party groups and they folded when they thought they would be investigated by the government. Remember, they had to be registered with the government to be tax exempt. Our forefathers did not register with the British government to rebel against it. Again, fear is a powerful tool. Those who will fight will fight without fear; they will be a rare breed. They are the ones who will carry the burden for the rest of us.
  • Joseph - Is the Tea Party.Org going to be the organization that will put out a "call" to arms so the 2nd revolution will begin?
    Party.Org at Directnic
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