One more Liberty taken away by the SCOTUS

The Supreme Court ruled last week that Big brother has the right to take your DNA sample and store it in a National database even if you are found innocent.  This is a direct violation of the 4th Amendment.  the Constitution as George Bush so eloquently said is a just a G-Ded piece of paper.

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  • This bunch of SCOTUS are as corrupt as Obama! One Amendment to the Constitution should be that the Justice's are to be Elected By We The People NOT appointed by President's or Dictator wanna be's!! Try taking a DNA sample from me and lets see what it will entails! Kiss My Ass, SCOTUS!!

  • i'd like to see that statement showed where Bush said that 'the Constitution is just another GD dmd piece of paper. please.

    Soda Mayer and kagan have taken this supreme Court to  a degree of Socialism that it may never come back from.

  • Ms. Lori Denham, do you really think they will NOT swab you during a traffic stop or DUI check point?????????

    Personally, they are going to have to get thru a wall of lead coming towards them at Mach 2 to swab this old Combat Vet!!

  • I don't remember George Bush ever saying that the Constitution was just a G-Ded peice of paper but if he did he should have been charged with treason! We do however know for sure what this traitor in the White House thinks of the Constitution and this once great Republic ! He and his ignorant,arrogant wife hate them both

  • We need to kick the un out of this country to . They want to be able to tell us what to do they are the ones that are bushing all this down our throats . All any one with any since is read agenda 21 and you will see why I am saying this .     so to all the founding father beleavers out there  live long and die hart .   

  • As far as I care the supreme court can kiss my ass . They are so far up Obama ass they can see what he had for dinner . We the people need to get our act together and get these no good A  HOLES out of  the  WH and take our country back from OBAMA and boot his ass back from where the hell he came from and if he don't want to go than hang the no good peace of shit from the first tree out side the WH  . And if they are watching the enter net than ha government man we still have the freedom of speech in this country the want to be king cant take it from us we the people 


  • The SCOTUS is not a friendly court looking out to make sure the Constitution is upheld!!! That's what their job is supposed to be, but like many things, it's been basterdized over the decades. If you remember, the current thinking on "Church and State" ruling came from a very liberal SCOTUS. I don't remember the exact year, but it was back sometime in the 30's or so. The Constitution does make reference to it, but not to the extent that it's been twisted into.

  • I don't have a major problem with collecting the DNA of convicted criminals but before a person is tried and convicted his or her DNA should be their own and no  one elses. The part I have a problem with is that if they collect a person's DNA, they also have a large percentage of the DNA of their mother, father, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc. These are people that most likely have never committed a crime but their DNA will be available in the governments CODIS data base. Or if they did commit a crime and law enforcement gets a 95% match and then they use that to go after a blood relative is that legal? This is a can-of-worms decision that will come back to bite us in a tender southern part. Mark my words on that.

  • SCOTUS does not have the authority to override the Constitution unilaterally.  This despicable move is in violation of the 4th Amendment.   Socialist criminals are everywhere in our worthless government.

  • Your Representatives you put in office do not care one wit about you or your rights, when will you realize that? They do not have to accept the Scotus  ruling on anything. Check this out and you will see.

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