On Thinking You're "Above a Job" In This Economy...

Please consider this article, found on Mlive.com, a site dedicated to Michigan news:




As most know, Michigan has been hit as hard as any other state during this recession (perhaps Republican Governor elect Rick Snyder will outperform Dem. Granholm in this aspect).  It breaks my heart to see how some of my fellow Michiganders are reacting to the rise in unemployment.


The article reviews how individuals are affected by legislation signed by President Obama extending unemployment benefits and cutting taxes.  While the majority of this article should get your blood steaming, the kicker for me came in  paragraphs twelve and thirteen, in which the former jewelery and fashion saleswoman, now on unemployment, classifies herself as above '"[settling] for a low-skill, low-wage job, saying she's not going to "throw [herself] into poverty."'  This coming from a woman who professes having done everything it takes to find a job, and wanting nothing more. '"That's just making people settle for whatever can be had," she said. "Speaking for myself, I didn't spend 25 years in a career that was supposed to be my livelihood for the rest of my life to go work at a Starbucks."'


My thought is this; logic deems that if you cannot pay your bills, you are not above any job.


Government subsidized living is not the answer! Too many Americans are too proud, and need to realize that the work ethic and reform we are calling for in D.C. needs to start with us.  My thanks to everyone who shows up everyday to ANY type of job to do the best they can for their family.  True Americans work, no matter what job they're doing.

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  • My God! I may have to PAY to SELL my home that we built and have lived in for 11 years just to keep our retirement from deteriorating and so my children can still go to college. My oldest graduated with a business degree at the tune of $165,000 dollars and is half way thru getting her CPA license that is still costing her and us. Start pay is $15.00 per hour after college degree and you get NO OT pay at all. She works at LEAST 60 hours a week during tax season and gets one week per year paid vacation. The pay is not much more then my sister whom works at Wal Mart at $12.50 per hour with NO Education since the 9th grade and gets a weeks paid vacation. Grant it she does work hard.

    If Americans whom did not over spend can adjust their ways of life and spending by no fault of their own. Then so can "Congress" and our lovely "Mr. President's." Its Congress's job to make sure our country runs smooth with NO Over Spending ever! Congress has created laws for those whom donate to their campaigns and are lobbiest (X-congress members). 

    Our business did not collaps during other recessions we've endured only this one, why? Because its really bad when congress spent future generations income when they knew they should of never considered spending hem in the first place. By GOD! These people are our LEADERS!

    Congress should be sued & thrown into jail for steeling, over spending and killing our Constitution rights period. They created hard labor and unforseen medical conditions for those that have to work longer then they should and those not even born yet.

    Wake up America keep making your voices heard LOUD and CLEAR!

    WE The PEOPLE ARE NOT PUTTING UP with CROOKS running CONGRESS any MORE!! You will be held responsible per the LAW. I am DAMN MAD AS HELL and I AM NOT TAKING IT ANY MORE!!! I have to get off these sites for a while or I will become ill. I can not believe what our leaders have done to us Americans who are loyal paying & law abidding citazens.

  • Mr. Pearson,


    Great statistics, I thank you for your post. 

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