On Foreign Policy…It’s Cruz 23 – Trump 0

By Craig Andresen Right Side Patriots http://www.americanpbn.com/

fp-1.jpg?width=225Donald Trump completely lacks any foreign policy substance…a fact that has become alarmingly apparent during debates as well as on the campaign trail.

If you go to Trump’s website, he has no foreign policy listed. None whatsoever. Nothing.

I have asked many of Trump’s blind followers to explain any detail of Trump’s foreign policy.

They won’t because they can’t. He hasn’t told them what to say to those who ask, and until Trump issues some talking points to be spread like propaganda by his followers, there is absolutely nothing, regarding his foreign policy, to tell.

Last Thursday, on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Trump himself was asked about foreign policy and specifically, he was asked who was advising him on foreign policy…a valid question considering his bone crushingly stupid remarks pertaining to Israel and the Palestinians. The Palestinisna, by the way, are run by an Islamic terrorist band of 7th century barbarians called Hamas and represented, at a government level, by the Palestinian Authority who also represents the Muslim Brotherhood…another Islamic terrorist faction.

Trump’s response to the question was priceless…


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  • W,

    I see no place where anyone blamed Donnie NYC bully boy for any Muslim act. It is the Muslims fault.

  • I'm dreaming stuff up? I never said that Trump was responsible for the attacks in Belgium and neither did anybody else whose words weren't twisted by people who DO make stuff up.

  • I see Craig and Mangus are still dreaming up exaggerated and distorted BS. Is Trump also responsible for the Islamic attacks in Belgium ? You two are going to drown in your own BS.

  • Subject: Fwd: FW: The hostile take over of the GOP

    This from the former Marine who was my roommate from Syracuse, NY, when I visited Korea in 2010

    Hi Folks,
          The establishment from both the Republican Party and Democrat Party are running for cover, and the "political elite" are being exposed for what they are... There isn't 5 cents worth of difference between them... As to the establishment Republicans, it sickens me to hear them saying that "WE THE PEOPLE are going to take our country back!" And then they spend over 200 million dollars to try to shut down the leading contender in their own party... Are you kidding me?!?! Then there are the Democrats, and their tactics of sending goons by the bus-loads to Trump political events to disrupt, create violence, and shut down free speech... George Soros and his far-Left organization (Moveon.org) are also spending millions to shut down Trump, using "useful idiots" consisting of Sanders and Clinton supporters... Many of these people are recruited on Craig's List and are actually paid by the Soros organization to cause the disruptions and violence... Kind of a "rent-a-mob" approach to anarchy... This is NOT about "WE THE PEOPLE"... This is about "THEY THE ELITE" telling us that they know what is best for us, and our votes really don't mean anything in the broader scheme of things...
        Scroll down and see below for a good read on the subject.. It defines what is happening in the GOP... We are in the throws of a political revolution that has been a long time in coming... Perhaps we will get our Republic back, as the Founders intended it to be,.................or................ perhaps not...



    "Some people spend an entire lifetime wondering if they made a difference in the world... Marines don't have that problem." Ronald Reagan

    Mitt Romney is a bitter, jealous, sore loser.
    But it's more than that. It's much deeper. It's time to stop kidding ourselves. Mitt Romney just made it clear. This is war. The entire leadership of the GOP needs to be purged. Let them go start a third party for wishy-washy moderate losers who believe in slightly smaller government than the Democrats...and giving all the power to globalists, the United Nations, lawyers, lobbyists, government bureaucrats, billionaires and multi-national corporations. Let's see how far they get with that message.
    Because there is no longer any room for the establishment GOP inside the GOP. It's time for a hostile takeover. Enter Donald Trump.
    This is what is causing such panic and desperation. Trump's raw truth has unhinged the GOP establishment. They are losing their own party. They are losing their grip on power. They are losing their lifetime gravy train. It's complete panic and pandemonium. The GOP leadership is in the last days of the end of Rome.
    Bravo Donald Trump.
    Donald Trump just conducted a hostile takeover of the GOP from within. Trump just proved "The truth will set you free." The good voters of the GOP have been set free by the raw politically-incorrect truth of Donald Trump.
    Trump has exposed the GOP establishment from Romney to Bush to Paul Ryan to Mitch McConnell. He's brought them out of their dark hiding places. It turns out the establishment GOP is really no different or better than the socialists, Marxists and America-haters on the other side- the Obama, Hillary, Bernie side. They are on the same team- just using different slogans.
    As one of my best friends put it just yesterday, "If any of them were real Republicans they'd be using their shock, outrage and vitriol to attack Obama and Hillary and Bernie every second of every day. They'd be condemning the Democrats over this horrible economy. We're all drowning. Instead, Republican leaders are in a panic over Trump? Are you kidding me?"
    Folks the U.S. economy is in free fall. It's on the verge of total collapse. The middle class has been gutted like a fish. Obamacare has bankrupted the nation. Health insurance costs are wiping out the budgets of every middle class and working class household in America. That's why record low gas prices have done nothing for the U.S. economy.
    There are no middle class jobs. We are being told unemployment is low at the same time food stamp use is near record highs, with up 50 million people depending on them to buy food. Do they think we're that stupid? Obama has created an entire economy for illegal aliens - the only jobs created are for cleaning toilets, mowing lawns, washing dishes, or serving drinks at a bar. Manufacturing has been destroyed - down for 15 months in a row - decent high-paying jobs have left the country. The border is wide open and illegals and terrorists are coming across in record numbers. We have $19 trillion in debt - the most in world history.........anywhere !!
    In response to this decay and decline of America under Obama, GOP establishment leaders like Paul Ryan have chosen to help Obama pass the Trans Pacific Partnership...refuse to put up a fight against Obama's executive order legalizing millions of illegal aliens...pass bloated trillion dollar spending bills that add dramatically to the deficit and national debt...and pass funding to bring 300,000 new Muslim immigrants into the USA.
    Donald Trump has them in desperation and panic mode; not Obama or Hillary or Bernie? Are you starting to sense something wrong here? "The fix" has been in. The GOP has never been on our side. Trump exposed the lies and fraud. He brought all the bad guys out of hiding.
    The GOP's leadership isn't in panic over what's happened to the economy...or the border...or American jobs...or the middle class...or their last two losing presidential elections led by establishment candidates who stood for nothing...
    Instead they are in panic over Donald Trump...a commonsense Republican businessman who has brought millions of new voters to the GOP...who has incited passion, intensity, enthusiasm and record turnouts into the GOP race...who has brought working class Americans to the GOP for the first time...who has brought people who quit voting, or voted Democrat in the past two elections back to the GOP. Trump has even brought union members to the GOP. People who felt abandoned and hopeless are for the first time in their lives excited about voting for a GOP candidate. Polling indicates Trump could be the first Republican since Reagan to win New York State.
    And this is bad? This is cause for panic? Desperation? Threats? This is worse than what Obama has done to the USA? This is more important than an economy in collapse? This is more important than the wholesale murder of the middle class and the death of mobility and the American Dream?
    Thank God for Trump. He has exposed the GOP establishment as the frauds they are. They care nothing about America...or American jobs...or small business...or the middle class...or the working class. They care only about their own power...their billionaire donors...their own corruption and greed...their consultants, strategists, lobbyists and lawyers. Their goals are exactly the same as those of the Democrat Party, and now Trump has exposed them for all to see...
    Trump is brilliant. He is a third party candidate from within the GOP. He is carrying out an internal hostile takeover of the rat-infested, corrupt, greedy, soul-less GOP. The establishment dynasty families that claim to be "Republican"- Bushs, Romneys, Bloombergs (and many more not-so-famous billionaire donors)- are out. "Business as usual" is out. The gravy train is over.
    This is why they are hysterical. This is why they are more panicked over Trump than what Obama has done to our economy and country. Trump has exposed their true colors. Trump has exposed their conflicts of interest. Trump has exposed their deception and fraud and corruption. Trump has exposed their lies. They were never on our side. They were never on our team. They were double agents all along.
    This is why they are screaming hysterically like little children realizing the jig is up. They have lost their power. They have lost their piggy bank. And the way it happened is humiliating. Trump not only destroyed the old guard in a matter of months...with the media arrayed against him...with hundreds of millions of dollars of Super PAC money against him...with the powerful party apparatus against him...with the Republican National Committee against him...he did it by spending almost NOTHING.
    Trump accomplished a GOP takeover from within. He finished what the Tea Party started. And he conducted this hostile takeover of the GOP without spending any money. The establishment is embarrassed and angry and in shock. Trump routed them, destroyed them, left them standing in a torrential rainstorm without shelter...without a rowboat. ...without even an umbrella. They are homeless.
    It's OUR party now. Trump has given the GOP back to the people.To coin a phrase - "We're mad as Hell and we're not going to take it anymore!!"
  •   Craig Anderson, we will see who is on the wrong side of the fence come November. None of the people in the establishment have done anything to right the sinking ship we are all on. Sure Cruz can talk the talk and tell people what they want to hear, but new blood is some times the best medicine for any origination, in this case the RNC. Cruse is just another bought politician,  the people are tired of hearing about from  the new media and the RNC, and people like you, who have been picking who we get to vote for, way to long. Or are we just another Communist country that has  two parties to pick our leader from rather then just one party as Communist country's do?    

  • All mangus can do is talk about the same old BS over and over. It has ALL been discussed and debunked. You and he belong on a progressive site where the have the same low level of intelligence.

  • Craig Andreson. Excuse me but I think you have your priorities all screwed up.

    We are in the process of losing our country to the the corporate elites and political p[rostitutes and  you are talking about foreign policy. You are a nit wit. And your pal Cruz has no experience in anything except what ever he did for the Bush NWO machine. Cruz is a typical lieing attorney with a deceptive sneaky agenda.You and Mangus are nothing more than trolls. This is what is important to save our country. http://www.thegreenpapers.com/P16/R-Alloc.phtml . What these people are planning and the outcome of the pick for the republican primary. Anyone with a brain knows that the president has to know very little about any given subject because they are surrounded by specialists. This country is going banklrupt and still borrowingmoney. Trump is the ONLY one who can create jobs and will do something about all of the problems we face. Cruz is  a political prostitute and is owned. He has puppet masters. So lay off of your bullshit because that is all it is.

    The Math Behind the Republican Delegate Allocation - 2016
    Tally of how federal representatiion of each state by people per house seat, senate seat, and electors.
  • Trump has been a insider bribing his way around the Democrats and Republicans for his entire life. His track record in business is very spotty maybe that is why he will not release his tax returns?


  • Look at his trade policy - he will start a new trade war like what caused the depression and WW II.

    It is an article of faith among economists that rising global protectionism intensified the Great Depression of the 1930s. History looks back at the infamous Smoot-Hawley Act, which jacked up tariffs in the U.S., as a disastrous step that stymied the international economic cooperation needed to alleviate the worst economic catastrophe in modern history. Even the U.S. State Department says the act "quickly became a symbol of the 'beggar thy neighbor' policies of the 1930s." Between 1929 and 1934, world trade declined by about two-thirds.

Here we are, almost 80 years later, and possibly about to make the same mistake. Although there have been no headline-grabbing Smoot acts to call the world's attention to the threat, there is mounting evidence that, once again, government and business leaders are inching toward the type of beggar-thy-neighbor policies of the Great Depression. "Particularly, I am concerned about the rising dangers of protectionism," World Bank president Robert Zoellick recently said in Singapore. "This financial and economic and unemployment problem is serious enough," he later added. "If we start to trigger a round of protectionism, as you saw in the 1930s, it could deepen the global crisis." (See pictures of TIME's Wall Street covers.)


  • Ray...Cruz is part of the establishment? Oh really? He is the only member of Congress who has called OUT the establishment from the floor of the senate...over and over again. The establishment has never liked him until they were confronted with a liberal in the midst of this election cycle...Donald Trump. You say Trump can't be bought...well, that may be true but you completely ignore the FACT that Trump has FINANCED the establishment AGAINST the Tea Party. Trump has also financed the ilk of Hillary, Reid and Pelosi to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars while advocating core liberal values like pro-choice, pro-partial birth abortion and single payer universal healthcare. YOU seem to believe that the best way to turn our great nation around is to vote for and elect a candidate who has, for decades, supported the exact same policies and politicians who have cause the problems we face today. And yes, we ARE a great nation but a nation that is sorely lacking in leaders of substance and leaders who have a strict adherence to our Constitution...a situation that will remain in place should Trump be elected. YOU, Ray, believe that the answer to our leadership problem in this country is to vote for a liberal of no substance over a man of core Conservative principles who revers our Constitution. I have a life...YOU need a CLUE.

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