Now old n'stranded! Stranded n'branded close to last n'line!

Come eat you'll get fried taters, chicken adding inches more of fat.

Nature ain't for us; sloucher's gotta have a couch.

In the states; near the top n teen pregnancy n' divorce: 5th and 7th (see footnote, source data).

Agencies n many, mostly a sittin' n'mettings most days, I see,

Progress n' stingy increments, Think'in it is fine n dandy.

Money? Spend it they do, without a doubt ain't talkin' one another.

Better ideas? Business practices apply?  "What they say?"

Oklahoma keeps heading down a drain, like hard penetrating, pounding n' pouring rain.

Flushing lots them greenbacks without care r' taxes too flushing um n' outside John.

No wonder Oklahoma tis stranded n' branded low n' standards.

What model r motivation dis a showin' them still a growin?

Conceptualize, Rogers' n' Hammerstein's collaboration; Oklahoma II 2013 - real reflection review!




Know band Oklahoman's shrinking n' old stinkin' prairie quicksand.

Must this be r' outward countenance presentation?

I say heck no way. No way, no how, no need ever got this way.

Only saying, challenge, explain these things won't be;

Cause them their one's been directin' stead hearin' citizens.

Agree'n with me might u be by now,

Somehow gots' to get a leranin'n to inspire aspirations of desire getting' up top.

R' youngn's sure coulld, Have a super dooper future, 

If'n weez startz a talkin, walkin' same direction on this path stead of Road of Many Forks!

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