Oil Drilling Ban: The Destruction of America

I thought this was worth re-posting from my blog in light of Obama and the democrats' decision to delay, and attempting to end, the Keystone pipeline. This country has thousands of miles of pipelines through which we pass various types of oils and chemicals with almost no major problems. It has to be obvious to the American people at this point that the left in this country want to make us dependent on what they believe to be poorer nations. Obama and the left are using oil to redistribute wealth to the poorer countries. Through this process they are destroying this country. Too often we are reminded how the USA uses 25% of the world energy resources. Those people are ashamed to be prosperous Americans, all the while reveling in the technological advancements that this country produced.

originally posted December 2, 2010

Today President Obama announced through the Secretary of the Interior that he has placed a seven year moratorium on new drilling in the eastern gulf, as well as a five year ban on Atlantic drilling. After the BP platform accident Obama placed a six months moratorium on gulf drilling.

Those on the right have been telling us from the beginning that the ban on drilling was never lifted. We had the leftwing media telling us the gulf ban only applied to deep water drilling. We know now that we were right and that the lame stream media was lying to the people. The ban after the BP accident applied to all new drilling and was never lifted.

We are at a time when every politician and individual in the country is calling for energy independence, yet we have a government that is banning oil drilling. The federal government recently took control of millions of acres of land in Utah and Alaska that could have been set aside for new sources of oil, while at the same time we import oil from our enemies at record rates. This is the same government that sent $3 billion to Petrobas to help explore drilling off the coast of Brazil. Do I need to mention that George Soros owns 3 percent of the mostly state owned Petrobras? Petrobras is the lone operator of all oil fields in Brazil.

This is just more evidence this president wants to see this country fail, while pushing his green agenda. With less oil and coal being produced, this puts companies like GE in control with their green energy projects. GE just happens to be a large supporter of Obama and the democrats, as well as owner of NBC, MSNBC, and a host of other cable channels. We are now exporting record tonnages of coal to China so they can make cheap products that put US manufacturers out of business. The left has deemed coal and oil bad and is forcing the reduction of its use in the USA. While we reduce the usage of oil and coal, China increases theirs.

There is no logic to this madness unless you are willing to accept that Obama and others on the left are willfully destroying this country. I ask; will the sheep that accept being groped and photographed naked in airports accept rolling blackouts? Honestly, I think they will. I believe most of the American people are so hypnotized by the things they see and hear on television that they will fall for anything. The fight to end this madness is left to us few free thinkers

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  • This so called "administration" is literally and figuratively capping all natural energy and/or sucking it out of The USA... the only pipeline all in big business and especially big gov't are interested in is the one that leads into their uncapped bank accounts.

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