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  • What I am saying is OWS craps on cars, we crap on Obama! (lol) OBTW am I allowed to use the word SHIT here!!??  

  • Hey Steve, did you mean deficate on police cars?

  • Plus the tea party has a much better Recruitment Song than anyone else too!


  • This is exactly what I am speaking about. We need to start putting ourselves out there, let OUR voices be heard.!!

    We have a president who doesn't get it.. He compares us to the protestors (couldn't be farther from the truth)

    I would like to start a rally, I need help doing this.. specially with the holidays coming up.. We need to remind people the true meaning of the holidays, family, friends, country and of course GOD. Anyone interested in setting up a rally, or any knowledge on how to, please contact me!!

    I am in Elkton Maryland just next to the Delaware state line

  • That Wall Street protest crap is such a dam circus! Like Savage says everything that is going on is a diversionary tactic to keep the average American on the street from paying any attention to the real issues.
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