I am a loyal conservative and sickened by what I am seeing coming from this administration.  I encourage my friends to read up on Obama's anti-American past and try to educate my people.  I have signed up for the Obama website - although I am not supporting him in ANY way - so I can see what the democrats are sending out to their constituency.  I recently received an email from MoveOn.org.  It was a letter encouraging me to start a movement in my home town of Southlake TX - a largely conservative township of affluent corporate executives.  Obviously I will not be spearheading any MOVEMENT other than to get him voted out of office!  But what concerns me is that I HAVE NOT SIGNED ON TO ANY OCCUPY WEBSITES or EMAIL lists.  Because the only list on that side of the isle that I have signed onto was the Obama supporter website, this tells me that the Occupy movement is coming DIRECTLY FROM THE WHITE HOUSE.  They have obviously given their email list to this group to promote protests.

We need to take action and expose Obama for encouraging this bad behavior.  These protesters are not doing anything positive for our country, on the contrary, they are costing us a forture in clean up.  Obama needs to take responsibility for what he is promoting and causing.  

Here is the email that I received:

Dear MoveOn member,

What happens next for the 99% movement is up to each of us. We can let it fade away, or we come together to bring it back bigger and stronger than ever this spring.

Right now, groups all over the country—inspired by the everyday heroes of Occupy Wall Street—are planning for a 99% Spring in America. It's an opportunity to build on last year's momentum with a massive campaign of bold nonviolent direct actions to confront the 1% nationwide.

That's why during the week of April 9-15, in small towns and big cities all across America, we're working with our allies to bring 100,000 people together for an unprecedented national movement-wide training on how—following in the footsteps of Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.—we can take nonviolent direct action this spring to challenge the 1%.

So far the response has been pretty amazing. More than 500 training events are already set up, and we've seen a huge surge of MoveOn members stepping up to host events—much more than anyone expected. But no one in Southlake has stepped up to coordinate a training. Can you sign up to host a local 99% Spring action training?

Yes! I'm interested in hosting a training during the week of April 9-15.

From the labor movement to the struggle for civil rights, we have an incredible shared history in America of everyday people using the power of nonviolent direct action to create change when our country needed it the most.

Last year the courage and moral clarity that we saw from the protests at the Capitol in Wisconsin to Occupy Wall Street followed in that tradition—and forced America to finally talk about economic inequality and just how badly our system is broken.

But we need a whole lot more of that kind of courageous action if we're going to create meaningful change. That's the vision for the 99% Spring, and it all starts with this massive, ambitious, plan to train 100,000 people in the theory and practice of nonviolent direct action.

Can you help by hosting a 99% Spring action training in Southlake?

Yes, I can host!

Anyone can host a training—you can have just a handful of people in your living room or you can find a local community center, place of worship, campus, or public space for a larger event. We'll follow up with all the details and provide the support and guidance you'll need to coordinate an event. We'll also help you connect and collaborate with other local 99% Spring volunteers and groups.

MoveOn members who want to see the 99% movement grow have already committed to coordinating events. But we don't have enough space yet to provide trainings to all 100,000 people. As 5 million progressives, we have a unique ability to help our movement hit that goal and grow even stronger.

Thanks for all you do.

–Lenore, Robin, Elena, Ryan, and the rest of the team

Want to support our work? MoveOn Civic Action is entirely funded by our 5 million members—no corporate contributions, no big checks from CEOs. And our tiny staff ensures that small contributions go a long way. Chip in here.

Launch your own MoveOn-style campaign - and sign up other members to get involved. Start a petition on SignOn.org

Our movement is about to do something unprecedented: train 100,000 people over the course of just one week in nonviolent direct action. More than 500 trainings are already planned, but so far no one has volunteered to host a 99% Spring action training in Southlake. Can you host a training during the week of April 9-15?

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  • Let's see, how many "twits" do we have in the occupy movement and this progressive group claims to be 5 million strong - -I don't see much of a "contest" here!  And, no, I'm not trying to be "cocky" about it; I'm just saying with over 100 million 2nd Amendment Rights Believers, it shouldn't be much of a contest, if it's a contest they're looking for! They are NOT going to win!

  • obama's  " domestic army", period.

  • Joan Preston, This is a very informative read, and just so all of the readers know, our Intelligence Agencies, Military Leaders and Service Members are on our side, they are smart individuals and see what's going on and I do not think that they would enforce Martial Law if and when Civil Unrest occurs, and I'm sure it will, I think the Government would  be overthrown to eradicate the corruption that has infested itself within. And all Citizens would be required to use their 2nd Amendment rights and build Militia's to fight the opposing force, "Radical Islamist" trying to take over this Country..    

  • the health care law that they passed without anybody reading it-i think, and belive with all of my heart, that they handed obama a box of pre-passed bills waiting to be signed into law. he can take one out and apropriate civilian property if i understand the most recent one. another envelope bans public protest if i read the news-feed correctly. nancy peloci handed obama a whole treasure trove of pre-passed bill designed to keep obama in power. there isnt going to be an election. they plan for us to revolt so they can slaughter us. hitler had the same health care law.

  • "As 5 million progressives, we have a unique ability to help our movement hit that goal and grow even stronger." That's a much lower number than I expected. The Spiders Web that George Soros has created is very intricate, convoluted and extended. The use of the word 'nonviolent' in the email is gratuitous. It's used to CYA in case the actual violence ends up in the courts. OWS are Obama's 'Sturm Abteilung" (SA) and made up of the same neanderthals that served Hitler. The Left may denounce fascism but they have certainly adopted some of its most effective practices related to subversion, treachery, indoctrination, and utopian guarantees. Ultimately the SA derived its orders from Hitler. The same is true of the OWS which is directed by Obama and his lieutenants.

  • These people are communist they will never be happy unless there idol and messiah becomes king.
  • the occutard movement is nothing more than obamas version of the brownshirts. see hitler`s rise to power for the history and fate of the brownshirts

  • MoveOn group is communist group sponsor by george soros & obama. Communist leaders are professional LIARS, DISTORTIONS, PROPAGANDA BIAS, they have to say this to RECRUIT more stupid members. Moveon, liberal, democrap party, Unions, black panther, Acorn = Communist party, they are Obama's RED ARMY.

     They infiltrated in all levels of our government & brainwash in public school systems from 1st grade to colleges, their result is OWS & Moveon members. Moveon paid crack puppet OCCUPIERS to create more bigger chaos to distract American people off from the totally failure of Obama & obama will use martial law to delay election in few years. Mostly "occupiers" are JOBLESS so now they have "protest jobs" paid by Obama regime.

  • Nice article, Ms. Preston

    What with the Occupy movement telling us daily that spring is here and it's time to move to the next step i.e. civil disobedience, we can see now why Obama saw fit to upgrade by Executive Order his NATIONAL DEFENSE RESOURCES PREPAREDNESS plan.  This, of course, is all according to the plan as described in the Cloward-Piven Strategy.

    But the question is: is it enough to get you and others to grow their local Tea Parties by clicking here* and start spreading the word within your own county? Because if it isn't; it is all just talk.

    ex animo


    * I have no commercial interest in this cite. It's just one of many I picked at random.

  • Tell them you have a friend in seattle and you want to set me up.


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