My nephew and I were talking yesterday about finding help that is dependable and committed to the job that they are offered.. We all know that it takes money to live and therefore people have to be paid for their services. The thing is, it takes more than just money and we are losing that in our country, maybe we even gave it away.

I came up on a farm in North Carolina. We never had a lot and basically every member in my family had to work each day and even had certain jobs that were our responsibility. The house we lived in had a hallway between my three sisters room and mine. Mom would come and call us to get up in the morning, sometime as many as three times. We might continue to lay there but if we heard dad coming to get us, well the sound of his feet made us jump up and almost be dressed by the time he arrived at the hallway. 

Now I am 63 years old. That sense of urgency is still in me. When I am told to do a job I feel I needed to be finished 15 minutes ago. I realize it's more to it than that but the point is we, as parents don't put any urgency in our children anymore.

.I never served in any branch of the military. But the sense of urgency is taught there the same way. We you commander speaks it's time to move. I thank God for those that have served and those that are serving. They are a true blessing to this nation. If we can't afford to give them a raise we should cut our elected officials salary by at least two thirds and give it to them. Maybe our elected officials would learn a little urgency.

One of our biggest problems is the lack of need. If our children or in some cases, all of us, if we want , not need but want something we will borrow the money and get it  We don't even know how to need. 

Let's take education. Today we force our children to go to school, starting at five years old. Can you force a person to learn? Years ago children craved with great desire to be educated. Just to learn or be taught to read. Somebody, because of a burning desire, without even considering money would take on the job of teaching. the classroom would be full and if the children could not come to school they would be upset because of their desire to learn, a great willingness to learn.

Anyone can buy an education, but you can't buy experience. If a man is hungry, he will work. We use to have a lot of work and not much money. Today we have a lot of money and not much work. The problem is that the money is not real.

One day every person will see that. Let's just say you have a thousand dollars in your pocket. At the same time I am broke but I have enough food to last me for a good while. You can't you can get more money, but right now I can't get anymore food. How much is your money worth? Do you think I would see you any of my food at any price?

Every person on the face of this earth is a conservative. All it takes is the right circumstances. If you don't believe it just cut the money flow off and you will see. The liberal mindset only works if you are spending some other person's money or when it's not really effecting you. The liberal mindset has weakened this nation and its people.

You take any family of  six, a man, his wife and four children. You place them on a small farm and give them enough money to start a year. Let them know that they are own their own. Just watch the conservatism grow. Well, we can start with the family in the White House.

If we are truly delirious of correcting to course of this nation, I can tell you how to do it. All you have to do is go to all fifty states, find two small farmers from each state and tell them to run this country like they run their families and farm. By the way you might need a small army to control the spoiled brats that will be crying and fussing about the work they have to do.

Time is a prophet that has never told a lie. We will see as time passes what is real and what is not!   


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