Auction politics came to public attention when the ex governor of Illinois attempted to sell Barack Oboma's senatorial seat to the highest bidder. Oboma has openly endorsed that typ of influence auctioning. On one side, he has the unions siding with the oil company's desire to use domestic and canadian natural resources to create jobs and on the other side he has Al Gore and his supporting cast of "green energy" clowns demanding that we protect the environment, each group are major contributers to his political agenda and ambitions.  Are his delaying decisions and actions until after 2012 elections in the general interests of this country or simply a ruse to get the maximum monetary support from both groups with his decisions and actions going to the highest bidder?  With this country screaming for energy independance, it certainly is obvious that Barack
Oboma is placing his personal ambitions ahead of his country's financial and security well being.  Unfortunatly there are many citizens who are unaware of the seriousness of our financial predictiment and weakend security by having to depend on our energy needs being dependant on other nations who want to destroy our republic and way of life.  I can remember when such actions and beliefs were considered treason.

My grandparents on both sides were German immigrants and I rember the susdicions that my parents, my brothers and myself were subjected to during the first stages of world war 2, yet our society seems to have degenerated to the point that obvious actions of treason are ignored.  It certainly appears that the JIHAD infiltration of our society is not the only dangerious infiltration theat we have to contend with.

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