obama’s elitist persona has been the subject of many insightful articles since he realized that he, in his words, “had game” andcould play at the federal political level.

obama’s body language has revealed signs of arrogance, egoism, and deception.

Aside from his silly obama-isms (and you thought Bush was the only one could whip out a zinger), his words have only strengthened theseimages while also revealing his attitude toward the average citizen.

The common working man has been a jocular target of obama’s.

During the 2008 campaign he spoke of the people of Pennsylvania and “small towns” throughout the Midwest as “clinging to their guns andreligion,” about their being “bitter” and using “anti-immigrant…antipathetic” sentiments to excuse their own failures.

obama traveled to Massachusetts to lend his over-hyped, over-estimated clout to the senate election campaign of Martha Coakley andwhile there he publicly mocked opponent Scott Brown’s use of a pickup truck totravel between campaign stops…

…sort of like al gore mocking owners of SUVs for their gas guzzling, energy burning ways while he himself traveled by private jet or a with a parade of non-greenfriendly vehicles.

While criticizing the executives of the bailed out banks, he implied that it is common for Americans to run to Vegas and blow the rent ortuition money while imagining we were Phil Ivey.

According to obama before he came along Americans feared the coming end of America.

During his inaugural address, obama said we had no “confidence” in America, and we believed that “America’s decline wasinevitable.”

We were a lost people within a lost country and only obama saved us from ourselves.

During the 2009 State of the Union speech, obama said that anyone who was against obama-care, which was a majority of the populationoutside the Democratic Caucus, was stupid.

He said that he hadn’t explained it well enough for us to understand the plan.

In other words, we do not know what we know unless obama has had an opportunity to tell us what we know.

obama also used his annual message to the nation to take cheap, classless, political, potshots at the Supreme Court and thus atdemocracy itself.

As a supposed former community agitator, or organizer, obama hypocritically mocked the “teabaggers” for their grass-roots efforts, sayingthey were merely “playing games…waving their little tea bags around.”

The word “little” is such a condescending little word.

Again, this type of democratic activity roils the elitism in obama.

obama admittedly stands before a black audience and belittles, insults them for what he sees as a their cultural ignorance.

He said that he “often speaks a language that is foreign to them,” thus, he has to change his speaking style, his diction, to suit theblack audiences he faces.

He also pigeon holes whites as he recounted how he felt that his mother “was like most white people” who feel uneasy when they encounterblack strangers.

obama has made light of the mentally handicapped while on Jay Leno and has said that doctors are more interested in making money thancuring the patient .

obama told us that “words matter.”

Thus, his words matter.

His words show that to him the average American matters little.

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  • It is these "fly in the face of reality"statements obama makes that need to brought out into the open. It is this reason why sites such as this are so important.

    They have not been reported in the main stream media, they will not be reported in the main stream media.

    Movements such as this will bring, I hope, millions who see behind obama's pretty words and understand who he is and what he stands for and perhaps eventually many voices of reason will be heard. I think obama, as Mary points out here, fears this day is inevitable (ironic considering his SOTU speech actuall).

    Yet to many, as you have experienced and as Mary has pointed out here, it does not matter. They cling to the media presented obama and care little for actual facts. If they cannot counter, they profanely criticize.

    Thanks for contributing; would love to read the article you referred to here.

    Keep them coming!
  • I have just a few comments on this post.

    First, I agree with all that you have written. However, I sensed a new tone in Obama's state of the union address - fear. He seemed angry and almost desperate and I believe he knows that he will not see a second term as president.

    What has me shaking my head so much, though, is that all of his arrogance and lack of accomplishments were evident during the campaign - yet he was still elected. Granted, he did not win the election by a landslide, but he still won.

    Let's see how much changes in this year. Our own Illinois primary election was a bit of a disappointment, and I'm hoping that the other states will pick up where Illinois has dropped the ball.
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