Obama's First Year in La La Land

Here are the first eight of msnbc’s 68 highlights on the Obama Administration’s first year in office. (1) Obama was sworn into office with his right hand on Lincoln’s Bible. (2) Obama signs the order to close Guantanamo Bay Detention Center. (3) Obama signs the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, the worker’s right to sue for discrimination. (4) Obama goes to Elkhart, Indiana to tell his audience that doing nothing is not an option. (5)Obama at his first press conference tells his audience he inherited a deficit of more than a trillion dollars. (6)Obama is roundly criticized for preventing bonuses to AIG officials. (7) Obama appeared on the J Leno show and Letterman show, where he riffed that “it’s important to know I was actually black before the election.” (8)Obama made the outreach to the Muslim world with a foreign policy priority in his administration.

President Obama, in his first year in office, has succeeded in becoming the biggest divider in U S history.

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