Obama's Drive-By Media Targets Bachmann
Surging Bachmann Under 'Well-Orchestrated' Media Attack
Minnesota GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann

(NewsMax) - Just days after announcing her presidential candidacy, Minnesota GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann finds herself on the defensive and under attack from virtually every quarter in the media.

Small stumbles are being amplified across the media landscape, and Bachmann finds herself compared with former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin at every turn.

Even the UK Daily Mail on Tuesday reported Bachmann “is already following in Mrs. Palin’s footsteps of making unfortunate public gaffes after pulling a clanger in a television interview.”

Bachmann told supporters during a campaign stop in South Carolina Wednesday: “They want to see two girls come together and have a mud wrestling fight, and I’m not going to give it to ‘em. …We’re going to stick together, and we’re going to see this thing through.”

Steve wrote: Like her or not we must protect her right to free speech and the American way. I suggest the Tea Party takes a stand for ALL Conservative candidates and tell the media that their VooDoo has no power!

Waht does everyone think about that?

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  • I prefer Jello or oil over mud they get too dark looking with mud on them.
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