Why did we need a total reconstruction of healthcare? What was wrong with our previous system? Did we need to help the people who didn't have healthcare yes but many didn't want to pay for it (like young or rich people). Who in there right mind ever thought that adding 30 million people to our healthcare system that the costs would go down. That's like saying 2+2 = 5. All they needed to do is allow insurance companies to cross state boarders and do tort reform. Competition breads lower costs just look at the auto insurance business. Repeal Obamacare and fix the key areas only that cause problems.

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  • Obamacare is the flagship of Obama's campaign. The Republican Congress was hoodwinked by Pelosi to "approve it first then we'll see what it is" .. Now we know this law is a trainwreck and it contains broken promises. After signing into law, Obama cherry-picked which provisions takes effect. The sad part is, employer mandate has been set aside until after midterm elections. The worst? Congress is exempt. So now the question is, if Congress is exempt, why would they care to defund it?

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