Quick Rant: Obamacare a shysters dream con.

In all of Obama's speeches prior to becoming president, he told the world, that he believed in redistribution of wealth. He went on all the talk shows and said it, time after time. When he realized that Americans weren't to keen on the idea of taking from one person to give to another, he changed his tone.He began to target the rich, and say they need to, "pay their fare share". So no more outwardly saying "redistribution" but instead, he created class warfare.Many Americans initially fell for this rhetoric, but soon began to realize, that the so called "rich" oBama targeted, was the middle class. Yes, it was the middle class that would ultimately suffer from the dreaded "pay your fair share" scheme. No way would oBama target his rich friends, who controlled the most powerful unions or his friends on wall street and in congress. The "pay your fare share" scheme, lost steam, so it was time for a new con. Obamacare!!Obamacare has little to do with healthcare. It is a redistribution of wealth scam. Think about it, it forces, every American to purchase insurance. Now if you can not afford the insurance, don't worry, your neighbor will pay for you. If you make the minimum amount of money to buy your own insurance, that's great, even though you may have to miss a few meals or go cold during the winter. But as long as you make those monthly payments for something you can't afford or don't want, you will be safe.If your a small business, you better offer insurance to your employees, and by the way, it has to be comparable to what your employees would get if they were on Obamacare. So what if you can't afford it, and it may put you out of business. Hell maybe you should not have been in business in the first place. One more thing, if you don't provide your employees with compatible insurance, the government will fine you $2000 per employee, oops, did I say fine? I meant to say tax.Wait, that doesn't seem fair. What happen to targeting the rich? What about Wall Street, the powerful unions and the government? Oh that's right they're exempt.As I stated above, Obamacare has little to do with healthcare, and more to do with redistribution of wealth. It was never meant to work. It was created to drive cost up for the middle class(working class), but will not stop there. It is just the first step toward a single payer health care system.
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  • oblameacare is Bad Law!  Bad laws can be repealed.  I'd say keep on bringing it up time and time and time again.  Keep persisting and putting it in front of peabrainlosi's face, and the rest of the minions!

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