..but the republican effort was quite lame.

Despite what the majority of the public thinks (50.8% opposed,RealClear Politics poll average, 3/28), obama and the main stream mediaare all giddy over the passing of obamacare.

He has won the war of rhetoric and since we will not know for sure thatthis bill is a front and a fraud for another 7-10 years, obama has thewon the privilege to run about the country as egotistical as ever.

Some in the media will print what lies in the bill below obama'sguess-work rhetoric and expose what the bill really means to theaverage American.

Despite the sensibility of some of these discoveries, some exposed byfacts, obama has the advantage in knowing none of it will be actuallyproven until his presidency is dead and gone.

What a wonderful position for a sleazy politician to find himself.

obama has put off the guts of the bill for another 5 years and untilthen he and his foot soldiers will be able to cast any opposingopinions on the bill as right-wing, tea-bagging nonsense...as politicsas usual and as actions of the status quo.

He'll use pretty speeches and half-assed comedic statements on thestump to energize and indoctrinate his already blind supporters inbelieving his continued rhetoric.

Because we will not see the tragic consequences of this bill's passing until it slaps us up side the head.

obama's staff has told us that they have a mega-marketing campaignplanned to get the word out on what is in the bill. Shouldn't thishave been something they did months ago?

Actually they have, using the same rhetoric and dragging out some poorcrippled person or cancer patient to exploit for political gain.

They will not tell us what is actually in the bill or what it willactually mean to us, really, what they will tell you is how greatchange is and this is something you can believe in.

If you are not questioning why we never heard detailed specifics on howthis bill will work and its affects on the country from obama, his footsoldiers, and the media, then obama's rhetoric will fire you up sillyand you will clap your hands with glee while God blesses your ignoranceand the Constitution protects it.

We will be indoctrinated, not informed, with the message theadministration wants us to believe this bill will do and what itmeans. Unless we dig and search for the truth, obama has the advantageof hiding behind the curtain and providing us only with bright lights,pretty words, and stories of woe.

Most presidents will seek support from the public before a bill ispassed, obama has changed this method by first passing the bill nomatter what the public thinks.


Because he is well aware of how infatuated the public can be overpretty speeches and clever denouncements of the opposition's silly, offfocus antics; especially when supported by a biased and unprofessionalmedia.

With that infatuation, that indoctrination, obama can claim a hugevictory for change and thus an even bigger 'I told you so' at electiontime...yet, like his election, a claim based solely on style andlacking substantive substance.

It could have been different. Republicans in Congress should have donetheir job and reported to their constituencies the more egregiouselements of this bill. Similarly, the voting public could have donetheir research and added a little thought to imagine what couldactually happen under this bill and its affect on further legislation.

Republicans instead stuck by the "scrap it and start over" plan whichwas not a crowd pleaser and which was heavily criticized by the media.Not a good plan.

They played into obama's play on the obstructionist angle and they paid for it.

Then when they did offer 29 amendments to change the bill, obama's foot soldiers gleefully rejected the whole lot.

Yet it did not matter, obama has won the war of rhetoric.

obama could sleep with eldrick's leftovers now and it wouldn't matter for health care...he has won the war of rhetoric.

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  • the republicans were locked out of the entire debate that took place behind closed doors they were just like us they had 72 hours. i dont know if you looked at the bill but it is impossible to understand here we are in our second week of passage and things are just begining to trickle out there are years of loop holes in this takeover of your freedom that will trickle out look for december for many new taxes
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