Obama won a simple majority of 51% in the recent presidential election, hardly a mandate.  In addition, 1/3 of eligible voters did not even vote.  Therefore, Obama got 65 million votes in a nation with a population of 390 million.  This means that only 16% of the population voted for him, again hardly a mandate.

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  • Good catch Nick.  The current resident population is closer to 315 million.  The adjusted figure comes to about 20.6% of the US population voted for Obama thereby in theory imposing his vision on the other 79.4% of the population.  However, countering his will are the House Republicans fortified by the Tea Party's even stronger will and mandate, plus 30 non-Democratic Governors among the 50 states. 

  • whites are 72%, blacks 12% and hispanics 16% that's why they are called minorities.  It is my belief that the election was rigged in OH, PA VA, and FL and that gave Obama a win. 

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