OBAMA, The Buck Stop Here = No Accountability

OBAMA, The Buck Stop Here = No AccountabilityI regret this Administration is making mistake after mistake. We have survived the blame game and gave you time to own this debacle. A year later we are in more dire straits, but no one is Accountable.Janet Napolitano says, everything worked perfectly for a terrorist threat onboard a U.S. Airliner. The shell game begins. Obama, you admit to a systemic problem, however, it is nobody's fault.We are not going to blame anyone, save the unblamable (OBAMA). How Often do I have to say this. Failed Ideologies generate Failed Policies. You surround yourself with Atheist and Marxist/Socialist. They praise Mao Tse Tung, hello.Obama, you cannot provide a job package because you will not listen to reason. You and your cronies are too busy scheming to actually provide something that benefit Americans. Your group is working the angles. I'm just trying to restore the Constitution.I have been to the White House made inquiries to speak with you, but you and many leaders are too arrogant or surrounded themselves by the chosen that you are unable to hear the truth. I actually wish you success, but there is something wrong when Americans remain out of work and you don't seem to think it that important for an immediate solution. I told your filters before I can kick start this economy in less than 3 months, but you cannot hear or choose not too.Next Monday, You want your cronies to convene only conspire how to steal more. I'm asking you please stop. I will come and help you, but either you care for this Nation or not.We are not so blind to our own ideologies that we want our Nation to be ravaged. People are suffering and your friends are unconcerned. You should have someone there that have suffered and understands. You need those that bring value to your organization, not those that justify errors and act as Usurpers. You need to hold people accountable and if they are not accountable then step down immediately, because We The People Demand Congress, and you to Stop and Listen to us. We have a Job Creation Plan, a Healthcare Plan, Education Plan, etc. But you believe the answer lies within the confines of Institutions and the answer is in the people. Let us work together to rebuild a Great Nation and Restore the People.
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