by, Avi Lipkin

On the surface, the fact that the U.S. Commerce Department is considering granting “disadvantaged minority” business status to Arab Americans doesn’t appear to elicit a cause for alarm.

But when aligned with other developments, both here in the U.S. and across the Middle East, it creates a larger context that says otherwise, states Avi Lipkin, a U.S.-born Israeli citizen, former member of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) and a former translator inside the Israeli Prime Minister’s office.

Apart from maintaining his circles within Israel and the international diplomatic community, Lipkin also—together with his wife, Rachel, an Egyptian-born Israeli—closely monitors various media transmissions throughout the Arab world.

Combining the content of those transmissions with American domestic developments under the Obama administration—from Obama’s policy decisions with regard to Iran, Israel and the so-called Arab Spring, to many of his czar appointments, right down to his infamous 2009 bow to the Saudi king—the notion that Obama could be executing a Saudi plot to Islamize America becomes increasingly unnerving.

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  • One of our prayers to God, who is genuine is worth more than a thousand of the muslims fakeass religion "prayers". None of them probably even understand the meaning of what they are saying/praying.  Other than "Kill all infidels!"

  • Isn't that one of the reasons that the illegal in the whitehouse wants sky high energy prices?  Hit the average person in the wallet, and hit em hard. They wont be trying to purchase ammunition at the premium prices due to the shortage created by the regime.

  • And then I will fire the second shot! Give us liberty, or give us death.  But then again all they have to do is drone our freedom loving asses into oblivion. Its not like the days of the redcoats, we have one of the most powerful military in the world.  Think of DHS and over 1.5 billion rounds of ammo, a multibillion dollar "defense budget". The freakin insane hussian would love this, as I believe he is doing everything in his power to evoke a Civil war here in the United States.

  • OBAMA OUT !!


  • Hi Ted, I dont think our elected officials could be that naive....go to atlah.org and read the transcripts from Dr James David Manning, On the CIA operative Sedition Trial. It is a real eye opener to WHO this man is. They, The people had a trial in NY, and won on 17 Counts. BUT no one can do anything. IT was delivered to each and everyone of the Congress, Senate, and Judicial. They will not touch it! All the proof is there, that I wont go into! Pls read it! A REAL Eye opener.

  • Hi Neil,  I love pigs, but we used to also raise beef cattle on our small WI farm...   But I 'get your drift,' buddy... lol.  Maybe the ragheads might enjoy some "bacon" with their eggs, etc.  

  • Has anyone discovered the excise taxes that have been hidden in the health care program"? These taxes will not appear on the printed receipt, you have to ask ( demand) for a receipt that shows the actual cash involved.
    Sneaky SOB ain't he? Jumper.
  • You know, a few escaped pigs, dead pigs  or pig blood works wonders in removing vermin

  • Joan, you are ABSOLUTELY correct! Not to mention, these buildings are in unusually strange locations.

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