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Obama Seeks Control Of America’s Waterways & LakesMarch 12, 2010 – While most Americans are focused on defeating Obama’s plan to nationalize our health care system, the President has been quietly working behind the scenes to engineer another federal takeover.

This time, he’s targeting America’s waterways for seizure by the federal government.

First it was our financial institutions, then it was General Motors. Currently he’s working for complete control of our health care system. Now, he wants control over our water.

Under Obama’s federal seizure plan, he would set up nine regional bureaucracies to “decrease user conflicts, improve planning and regulatory efficiencies and decrease their associated costs and delays; and preserve critical ecosystem function and services.”

This is code for having federal bureaucrats determining who can fish in our oceans, coastal areas, lakes and rivers.

Obama’s Ocean Policy Task Force is overseeing the federal takeover and the selective banning of fishing. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is involved in this takeover as well. NOAA is headed by Obamunist Janet Lubchenco, who has ties to radical environmentalist groups. Lubchenco was a trustee of the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) and served on the Pew Oceans Commission.

Shortly before Obama was elected, a coalition of environmental groups issued a report called “Transition To Green” to push the Obama Administration toward radical environmental policies. According to ESPN, Obama’s task force has followed lockstep in implementing this document.

Recreational fishermen are outraged by what they see as the destruction of a major industry in the U.S. More than a million jobs in America are linked to recreational fishing. Obama’s task force could kill this industry if it begins regulating who can or cannot fish on our nation’s waterways.

“Transition To Green” is a blueprint for the complete takeover of environmental policies by radical greens. The document recommends that Obama enforce green policies largely through the use of Executive Orders, which avoid Congressional oversight.

While the recommendations sound okay on the surface, there is a sinister side to this that will result in a socialist state.

If all of the recommendations in “Transition To Green” are implemented by Obama during the next few years, our nation will be transformed into a European socialist state with a stagnant economy and few freedoms left.

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