Obama made a speech this week and I realized it was almost the same as his speech in 2005 and 2008. All talk, no action. He did say the GOP is doing nothing and chasing false stories, like IRS, NSA, Benghazi and others. Of course, these are real issues and need to be investigated, not just distractions. He wants jobs and says he wants jobs and then stymie's jobs at every turn, e.g., holding up the Keystone pipeline, excessive EPA regulations, Obama care ( Major job killer and economic killer), Illegal EEOC appointments and rulings, wasted money on non viable non economic alternative energy, war on coal, limitation of energy production on federal lands, slow energy permits, US wealth distribution, war on the US military ( Cuts in critical areas and reduction of 12 brigades), continued assault on States rights, i.e., the AG filing court rulings on Texas election system to force Federal approval, Obama and his race baiting in Texas and everywhere, e...tc.,.   The President said the GOP has no plan, but they do and have pushed a budget. We need a leader and a person to work out our issues and solve problems. I regret that we do not have such a leader in Obama. Leading from behind is not leadership.
WE could have an energy policy, eliminate or reduce the *EPA, Energy and Education departments . Set goal to be energy independent and use all natural resources. Allow the market place to develop future alternative energy and greatly reduce federal tax dollars. Drop ethanol subsidies and requirement for fuel. These savings could be used for food and aid where needed.  These * are fairly recent new departments and have billions in budgets. They should be hollowed out, distribute the money in block grants to the States and allow the States to control environmental, energy and education with limited federal oversight.
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