Obama’s Socialist Junk Yard Dogs


Obama, DEMS and Liberal News Media just shot themselves in the foot, not just once but over and over again this past week.   It’s like Obama’s teleprompter short circuited and Soros, Axelrod and Jarrett forgot to send all of them their marching orders and canned speeches to the DEMS and Liberal News Media. 

Hollywood is scrambling for traction hoping to replenish Obama’s campaign by donating to his Super Pac  Jeffrey Katzenberg,  Steven Spielberg , Bill Maher and Morgan Freeman have given Obama’s Super Pac several big injections and to their surprise Obama can’t keep his mouth shut and just keeps blowing his base out of the water. 

Good ole Morgan Freeman should stick with his acting profession because when he starts talking politics he pretty much resembles a person with a couple of loose screws.  Morgan said, “Obama saved the auto industry and protected the health care of every American.  He has led our nation to be more tolerant and placed impressive, accomplished women on the Supreme Court." 

Could Morgan be referring to Elana Kagan, now one of our Supreme Court Justices who has spent her lifetime trying to subvert and destroy our Constitution.  The person that has condoned and fought for socialism all of her life and now she’s sitting on the Supreme Court bench.

Obama exposed his Socialist underwear when he said, “If you’ve got a business -- you didn’t build that,” Obama told a crowd in Roanoke, Va., on Friday. “Somebody else made that happen.”  That one comment from Obama gives credence that we in fact have a “rat in our icebox.”4063543176?profile=original

Joe Biden must think we’re all living under a mushroom – talking to a Union in Columbus, Ohio he said, “Joe Biden accused Mitt Romney and Republicans of fostering a business environment that promotes outsourcing.”  Obama and the DEMS gave Fisker motor company 529 million dollars taxpayer’s money and then gave our jobs to the Finnish.

Joe, get a life or get your facts straight the guy that Obama calls his jobs counselor or exotic job czar, Jeffrey Immelt is the very person who ships our much needed jobs to China and other foreign countries.  As we know Obama has a fetish for green companies that have been blood suckers from the gecko. Biden’s touting insourcing and we d­_ _ _  sure know about insourcing at Solyndra, Sun Power and Amonix solar manufacturing plant in North Las Vegas (declaring bankruptcy this past week.)  Only problem with Obama’s insourcing is this – his screwy whims cost tax payers billions of dollars without creating jobs.  Go figure!

Actually on the subject of outsourcing, big companies like IBM and Xerox, Apple have been forced to outsource due to the Government regulations, taxes and EPA restrictions. Until we create an ideal environment for businesses and job growth in our USA, there will be more and more outsourcing.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz was delighted to speak to over 1,000 Jews at auditorium of Congregation Keneseth Israel in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania; Schultz was prepared to give her audience an old fashioned Obama pep rally, but that didn’t pan out. 

Her audience corrected her, pounced on her lies and rhetoric from start to finish – they were all adults wanting solutions to problems not a 3 ring circus, so once again Schultz didn’t just stub her toe she put both feet in her mouth when she said “There is nothing, and I mean nothing, in the Republicans’ right wing social agenda that appeals to the American Jewish community,” she asserted. From that statement on the war was on and the Jewish Community pretty much chewed Schultz up and spit her out. 

Valarie Jarrett took her usual pot shot at FOX news saying they’re the reason that voters think Obama is attacking successful business people. Obama followed in her footsteps and blames FOX for accusing him of raising taxes and he had the audacity to say on National TV, that he actually lowered taxes.

So Americans what we’re facing daily is a bunch of Alinsky alley cats who will do anything to distract and divide us. ABC news attempted to distract and divide us by insinuating that the Colorado massacre was by Jim Holmes a tea party member – same strategy that the Liberal News used right after the Tucson massacre when they try to pin it on the tea parties and Sarah Palin. 

Following Rolm Emanuel’s advice “never let a serious crisis go to waste,” Mike Bloomberg and Charles Schumer immediately attacked our 2nd amendment after the Colorado massacre. 

Brace yourselves for 3 of the worst months of our lives – the Liberal News Media and DEMS will douse us with their daily dose of lies and false rhetoric.  Obama will continue skimming money from taxpayers, consumer goods will keep rising, and unemployment will remain around 15%. Illegal aliens will persist in taking American jobs and free handouts. Our credibility in foreign Countries will continue to diminish and Big Government will grow by leaps and bounds.

May God Bless America

As Always,

Little Tboca


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  • Mr. Badger's incredible and preposterous assertion that Obama is a natural born citizen is a load of anti-American, pro-Communist/Islamic propagandistic blather, designed to gloss over Obama's evil campaign to destroy the American Republic!  I'll concede that It is an artful load of crap, but crap is crap no matter how much you embellish it with cane sugar -- the flies still show up.  I have in my hand a certified copy of Obama's birth certificate from Coast Province General Hospital in Mombasa, Kenya!  Now counter that you pathetic fool!  Shame on you Mr. Badger!  You must be a product of public school, Leftist, anti-American propaganda yourself.  I don't take pity on you sir, for you are about a dangerous, insidious path of destruction of our Liberties!  Note that your inability to observe and stay on track with a subject belies your powers of observation, as for example your disregard for the fact that I'm working with a Mac computer.  But no!  You went off on an erroneous tact about my having a PC of which I wanted instruction.  Your error is all clearly noted in this very forum!  One only has to read, use discernment and think.

  • Mr. badger,

    Thanks for your help but a note of clarification.  I did NOT ever state that I have a PC.  I clearly stated that I have a a 10.7.2 Apple (Mac) computer.  Let's go on that strategic premise.  Instructions for a PC are irrelevant.  Thanks again.


  • To paste an image from your PC...

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    And you get your image as I selected this one...



  • I need help with my Apple 10.7.2 from one of you astute computer types.  In a png desk top file I have a photocopy of what purports to be Obama's actual birth certificate from Coast Province General Hospital in Mombasa, Kenya.  Having worked in several hospital settings I can tell that this item has all the earmarks of a legitimate document although I did not secure it.  I got it from a man who claims that he was able to bribe hospital officials in the hospital in order to get it.  It is far superior in quality and content to those documents forgeries released by those crooks in Obama's regime.  I have been able to scan it with forensic tools inAdobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop and it stays whole without falling apart as did the Obama forgeries.  I would like to share it with you as the compromised press won't touch it nor comment on it.  At any rate, I have tried to transfer it to this Tea Party Command Center Forum without success.  Would one of you experts tell in hand holding detail how to transfer it to this forum?  I really need detailed help in this little goal.  We must continue to build our case against this spy, this illegal alien usurper of the White House, so as to possibly have his name removed from state ballots all across our land.  Given his planned destruction of our Republic and placing the citizens (US) of the USA in actual bondage we need to move in every avenue available to us.  I do not want our Nation to be reduced to Third World status!  And if we can remove him by political means without incurring a bloodbath, all the better!  

    Thank you good people very much.

    Neal W. Welsh

  • Chicago is still the center of activity for CPUSA. Here is a report of another link from Ann Barnhardt...

    In 1986, the Archdiocese of Chicago Bishop Bernardin sent Barack Obama to California to attend a training seminar on Alinsky theory, tactics, and "community organizing", which we all know now is Marxist infiltration and agitation of the proletariat with the objective of crushing the middle class, collapsing the economy and government, and thus enabling a Marxist-Communist-Fascist hybrid revolution, ending with the total destruction of the Church and global totalitarian tyranny.

    Here is the very short story on what likely happened with Bernardin. Bernardin was born Catholic in South Carolina in 1928. He had no remarkable zeal for the faith as a youngster, according to his own immediate family. Right after WWII, when the Communists really began their infiltration strategy of both the U.S. and the Catholic Church, Bernardin enrolled in the University of South Carolina pre-med program. All he had ever talked about as a kid was being a doctor.

    Bernardin was homosexual, and likely entered into the gay underground scene in Columbia. There he was recruited by satanists. Remember, this is 1948. Satanists and Communists, who many times were BOTH, cultivated and trolled gay bars and the gay underground for recruits. Bernardin was promised power and as much deviant sex as he could ever want if he would enter seminary and be ordained a Catholic priest.

    After his first year at USC, Bernardin went home and announced to his SHOCKED family that he was entering seminary. He was ordained in 1952 by Bishop John J. Russell, who was also fingered in depositions as the "celebrant" of satanic rituals. Russell may have repented, as he offered to testify against Bernardin in a lawsuit brought by one of Bernardin's male seminarian rape victims, but conveniently died before he could testify in the early 1980s.

    Bernardin was then speedily elevated up the ranks, being installed a bishop at the remarkably young age of 37. Shockingly, he was made the General Secretary of the Conference of Catholic Bishops (U.S.) in 1968 after being a bishop for only two years, and being only 40 years old. Guess what his job was? Implementing the Novus Ordo Mass, and we can now say with certainty, destroying the Tridentine Mass, and with it the Church itself.

    Again, only a few years later in 1974, at the age of 46, Bernardin was elected the President of the Conference of Catholic Bishops (U.S., which is now called the USCCB). He held that post, either himself or through his hand-picked proxies, and pretty much controlled what went on in the U.S., most especially who was elevated to the office of bishop in the U.S. and who ran seminaries, until he died in 1996.


    This ties perfectly with research a Ph.D. friend did on the communist infiltration of the Catholic Church that I think is called Project 1024 (need to go look at the PowerPoint)

  • Ann went to Seattle, while pregnant, to go to the U of W. She was there summer of 1961.


    On Aug 4th a midwife was called to her residence and a live birth was called into Honolulu.


    What I think happened (know that the money was available) is Ann went to Kenya in July for an unexplained reason thinking she would just get on her return flight no problem.

    Not so fast. The airline rules prohibited it. So, she delivered in Kenya and jumped on the next flight to Seattle. I'll ask Joel about this when we are on the radio next week. You can tune in and call in if you like.


    So, we have the Kenyan BC for a live birth AND one called in to Hawaii from Seattle. Bottom line is both Ann and FMD are natural born.

  • There is so much to the family history of Obama with wild twists and turns I could type for hours.


    Joel Gilbert did a masterful job pulling together the REAL time line.


    Obama's real birth certificate says "father unknown".  How do I know and you don't?  Because I cheat...;-)
    Really, Joel Gilbert gets the credit for uncovering this.
    Joel is well known in the expert circles concerning Islam and Iran. He's done excellent documentaries.
    A troubling thing kept surfacing in his research.  Much tied back to Obama and when he watched BO's speeches he noticed a tonal change when class warfare was the subject. Every time. Communists do this.
    Two years ago Joel put his research on hold and switched to finding the communist ties.
    So, in looking for his communist ties he discovered WHO BO's REAL father is. Communist Frank Marshall Davis.

    In 1920 CPUSA was started by journalist John Reed in Chicago. It received funding and orders from Moscow which it carried out exactly and to this day.
    Right now we are extremely infiltrated from top to bottom by commies working together for our demise.

    The penetration is very deep indeed. Also by Islamists. Clare Lopez gave me a recent report. Certainly these people will not give up power at any cost.
    Obama was put into office by the World Communist Party.

    Ann Dunham's father fought in WWII and developed a love for Europe.
    After the war he took French to qualify for an assignment overseas. 
    When Ann was about 10 years old he landed a job in the CIA and an assignment in Beirut.
    The cold war started and communists were trying to infiltrate Boeing in Seattle to get the B52 plans. 
    Stanley was reassigned to Seattle to make friends with the commies.
    He posed as a furniture salesman and joined the Unitarian church that was called "The Little Red Church On The Hill" because it was full of them.

    Time went by and Ann was graduating high school when Stanley got reassigned to do the same thing in Hawaii.
    Ann was not allowed to stay behind in Seattle so she was torn away from her friends and college plans and was pissed.
    She became a rebel in Hawaii.

    FMD graduated from Kansas State University with a degree in journalism, immediately got his membership card for CPUSA, and went to Chicago.
    He wrote for all the commie papers, was a jazz DJ, and Pres. of the Lens Camera Club.
    He was known for his nudes.
    In 1948 due to an order from Moscow he was sent to Hawaii to organize.

    FMD organiged the dock workers and they struck for 177 days - almost taking over the Islands.


    Stanley Dunham wasted no time making friends once in Hawaii. 

    He posed as a furniture salesman and joined the Unitarian Church.

    Soon, FMD was visiting at their house so Ann met FMD.
    Ann became interested in him and started visiting his house.
    He played jazz and showed her his nudes.
    She volunteered to pose but other things happened - like pregnancy.
    When Stanley found out he had a big problem.
    If the CIA found out Ann was having a baby to the head of the Communist Party in Hawaii Stanley would lose his security clearance and become a real furniture salesman.
    FMD also did not want his wife to know.
    So, the two of them concocted a plan at Don's Beachcombers in Waikiki. It worked. Sort of.

    Stanley was also in charge of a program to bring African students to the US to study.
    One he brought to Hawaii in 1959 was Beerack Obama. (photos of this)
    They offered him full scholarship to Harvard to get his Ph.D. if he would marry Ann.
    He did and then did go off to Harvard.
    Ann met Lolo Soetoro (I'm leaving things out) married and moved to Indonesia.
    At 10 they sent "Barry" to Punahou, an exclusive school in Hawaii.
    He lived with his grandparents and met FMD.
    At 12 he discovered his birth certificate in a box at grandpa's and went hysterical because it said "father unknown".  Stanley was compelled to come clean and told Obama the whole story. Obama was thrilled to be with his real father, now every day.
    FMD taught him revolutionary communism until graduation at 18. 
    FMD saw Obama off to Occidental to be surrounded by commies. Obama is a full blown communist.
    From age 10 to 18 Obama essentially lived at FMD's house and learned radical revolutionary marxist communism. Also read most of Malcolm X's works instead of doing homework.
    After high school at Punahoe, an elite prep school, he went to Occidental in Ca. with Frank's full approval. That school is totally communist. I'm not mincing words. The soft words, like progressive, intentionally hide the real intent. BO's full blown goal is to turn the USA FULLY communist with all the trappings you know from history.

    If that happens MANY of us will be executed. Millions. The evidence is ALL there. Joel told me he could not put it all in the film or people would be so terrified few others would watch it.
    I've been doing film screenings, a fancy word for showing the film to an audience, and when it finishes and the lights come on the audience looks like someone poured liquid nitrogen over them. Stunned is too mild.
    After Occidental BO went to Columbia. At a May 19th rally, May 19th is a commie org, he met Bill Ayers and went to his apartment. So, from age 21 BO KNEW Bill Ayers. BO told Ayers that he was a Red Diaper Baby and Frank Marshall Davis is his father. Ayers was stunned and said his father knew him from communist party activities in Chicago, where FMD got his start. Ayers called his father and put BO on with him. BO was told anything he needed just call.
    Ayers father was CEO of Commwealth Edison in Chicago. Rolling in dough. (funny how these people create class warfare when they have so much money)  He found BO a job at Sidney Austin (sp?) where Bernadine Dohrn worked. This is how BO met Mooochelle. Mooochelle then got a job in the Mayor's office where she met Valerie Jarrett. In short order the two were running an ACORN front group. BO headed up Project Vote and got 150,000 registrations only 40% which were real. Even Jive Turkey voted.
    Community Organizing REALLY means Community Agitating. That is what the plan was for blacks. Create MASSIVE discontent and blame it on the rich. WAIT A MINUTE - Bill Ayers family was off the charts rich. Were they blaming themselves???

    There is much more Joel could not include because it is so terrifying.

  • Neal, I would very much like a copy of the illegals B. C. .


  • Mr. Badger, I saw the pictures of a b.c. handed off in Kenya. an the blow ups but nothing that would indicate authenticity. I mean it looked real, seal and all. Has it been verified?

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