Obama's Race-Baiting Harms Black Youths

4063813566?profile=originalIn his New Yorker magazine interview, Obama claimed the following as a contributing factor for his declining poll numbers , “There’s no doubt that there’s some folks who just really dislike me because they don’t like the idea of a black president.”

While it is easy to simply add race-baiting to Obama's growing list of character flaws, I see a much deeper consequence to Obama using his skin color for political cover.

Black youths. It is extremely irresponsible for the most powerful black man in the world to tell black youths that a significant portion of white America will always seek their demise due to their skin color. As my late mom would say, such is a lie from the pits of hell.

The vast majority of Americans are fair-minded, decent and extremely generous, striving for a post racial nation. Oprah along with countless black actors, recording artists, athletes and so on are ga-zillioniares due to the support of white America. For crying out loud, white America put Obama in the White House and even awarded him an undeserved second term.

For years, black rappers have made their fortunes claiming that America is eternally racist; birthing songs like “Cop Killer”. When the black president of the United States furthers the same hate-inspiring narrative, Houston we have a serious, serious problem.

The Administration and mainstream media have irresponsibly used Obama's skin color as a nuclear weapon to nuke opposition to his socialist/progressive agenda. But, at what cost to the hearts and minds of black youths?

What about the growing black flash mob attacks? What about the growing incidents of the knockout game and polar bear hunting (black youths attacking innocent whites)?

Realizing the obvious racially polarizing and possible violent repercussions, one would assume the last thing the first black president would do is accuse white America's racism as the reason for his tanking poll numbers.

But then, what can you expect from a Democrat and liberal media crafted “paper messiah” rather than a true character driven leader.

Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American
Conservative Campaign Committee

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  • Charles Alan Shaw, you miss one important point that is real and in our face. We have two ports available for Communist troops and 3 islands off Alaska that Obama has given Russia! New York has elected two idiots in the Major and a Governor offices! California has been waiting to slip into the sea for decades of Marxist supporting politics! The Marxist takeover would be easy with radical weapons given to the enemy by the most evil President of any Country, supported by fools in the Liberal media!

  • The dems play to the lowest common denominator in society and the truly ignorant and low information voters. Class warfare and now economic warfare is their game. Income equality ( socialism in disguise) is what you will hear as elections approach. They know there is no way this can ( or should ) happen in a cpaitalist system but they will use it as a mantra to pit the poor and lower middle class against the middle and upper  income classes. They believe the vast number of voters are in the lower economic group and will do all they can to divide and conquer on that basis. They will continue subsidies ( deficit spending and debt )  and hand-outs to buy votes. This all needs to be exposed and real jobs need to be created to lift all out of poverty and dependence on government. 

  • We have bigots in every group of people on earth but I have found more racism in the liberals than I have ever found in the conservatives !

  • Just remember- we are ALL just a part of GOD's tapestry- our color of skin is not important, IT IS THE CHARACTER OF THE PERSON LIVING WITHIN THE SKIN_ NO MATTER WHAT COLOR__ pink with purple polka dots??  Look at the person!

  • We need to remember.....Hussein (in his mind) is not a liar, as the Koran (his bible) allows lying to us Infidels, in part, to allow them to destroy us from within. (Khrushchev, in early 60's said this is how they would destroy us, specifically the US Military) .....The white house, DOD, DHS and DOJ must have a specific OPORD (operations order) from Jarrett to do just that. See what/how they are accomplishing this project every day. 

  • Hay guys what about being a PROGRESSIVE MARXIST (aka) A COMMUNIST , not to mention an ISLAMIC TERRORIST just for starts. Get with it Obomer as a pathological liar what more needs to be said about you!!!!!!  It isn't that you are black - i totally support Ben Carson, Alan West, and Tim Scott these are real Patriot American my brothers in arms!!

  • Thank you Alan Shaw I really needed that chuckle ! Down the mississippi to the gulf of mexico ! 

  • Take away Racism; take away "war on women;" take away all the "Poster" problems the democrats stand for and everyone would realize the Democrats have no platform and really don't stand for anything.

    The reason Obama claims Racism is because he has nothing to stand on.  He has no economic plans.  He has no true "American" military plans,  He has no foreign policy plans.  He has no domestic plans.

    All he has is a way of talking, fooling those that cannot think for themselves and to spend tax-payers money on trips, parties and generally having a grand ol' time on the American dime!

  • Johnny Christensen, even if he imports thousands of Muslims, they would not know the landscape, the terrain, and where to go. They would be thousands of miles from their homelands in a foreign country of tremendous size. The U.S. population would be armed and people would know when these Muslim troops started moving. Once the Muslim army got a taste of guerrilla warfare, American style, they would retreat with their tails between their legs and run so fast that the hounds couldn't catch them and run through the bushes where a rabbit couldn't go. Remember that Johnny Horton song? Ha ha!
  • When you have no other defense of your failed administration your going to pull the race card? Really? Now that is the leadership I have been waiting for since you became POTUS. Nothing but blame, no sense of responsibility.
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