Obama's Power

In a recent discussion about the current state of affairs in America, I came to the realization that our current administration’s power stems, almost entirely, from two things: the mass media and the fact that true American patriots are spread out across the country, with no easy way of uniting together.  I firmly believe that without these two things, President Obama and Co. would have no power to continue to ravage the Constitution and exercise their tyrannical government.

Mass media, in today’s world, essentially controls much of the American populace, through manipulation and sleight of hand. By choosing what news to report, as well as how to report it, they manipulate the American people like puppets. It goes without saying, then, that these same media sources would be an incredible ally to anybody who shares their extremist agenda. Due to his extremely liberal views, President Barack Obama is naturally the perfect man for such a job. Together, over the last five years, and even longer, Obama and the mass media have shaped the “news” that is reported, in order to ensure that it serves to promote their cause.

One conspicuous example of this method of picking and choosing what the public hears is the recent argument over gun control. They have used the horrible shootings in Aurora, CO, and New Town, CT, as a driving force in their unconstitutional push for extreme gun control. However, these same news outlets conveniently failed to mention the fact that, three days later, an off-duty police officer foiled a would-be mass-murderer in San Antonio, TX; or the shooting at an Oregon mall, where the murderer was stopped by a citizen with a concealed carry permit. Or, a few years ago in TN, when armed Sullivan Central High School security officer Carolyn Gudger held a gunman at bay until police arrived. The only casualty was the gunman, who was shot by police officers after refusing to lay down his gun. The overwhelming majority of Americans has never heard of any of these and many other stories of good, correct uses of our Second Amendment rights. The reason why is obvious: the liberal media chooses what to show the American people. The liberal media chooses what many Americans think and believe.

The other source of Obama’s power, while less obvious, is equally important: the lack of unity among true, red-blooded Americans. This is not to say that we are not united in a common goal, a common frame of mind, but rather that the physical separation is where the trouble lies. We see what is happening to our country, and yet we cannot act on it. After all, what can one, five, even ten people do to change a country? As the saying goes, there is strength in numbers. If there were some way, then, for the millions of American patriots to organize a resistance against an unconstitutional regime, imagine the power we would wield. Imagine the difference we could make.

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  • Reply to Charles Imwold comment:  Charles, you are very right about Beck's misguided path on Obama's Ineligibility, and we all know that!  However, he can admit he has been wrong all along, and reverse this position in a New York Minute, and bring much power to the fore in an all-out assault on this Marxist insurgent!  If Beck would reverese his position on this publicly, and then lead the attack via his TV Network and A Unified Tea Party Movement, I believe Tea Party Money along with that of millions of Tea Party Sympathizers can be funneled into One Unified Patriotic Force that can be strategically deployed to take many of Obama's Soldiers, and counter the Marxist Message and Momentum currently destroying America!  I believe Glenn is big enough to apologize for his Obama Ineligibility Mistake, and strong enough to design a discourse that can antagonize the Obama Terrorists into self-destruction! 

  • Even though I don't agree with all his ideas, I think Rand Paul would be someone that the Tea Party could unite behind and move forward. He stands up against the Dems and the Pres. He speaks out against what he feels would hurt America.

  • There are lots of questions about these two events. Did they really happen as reported. Or were they staged events to "move the gun control " debate. It is clear what some politicians want , and. It is not Americans protected by the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. Why might that be ??
  • This fight is not over until we win. The fight begins with our nation turning back to G-d, repenting and then going forward telling the truth and defending G-d and country from the usurpers.

  • Ralph Harrison , You are going to trust Glen Beck ? Mr Beck thinks the birth certificate the fraud and usurper barack hussein obama put on the White House website is the real deal . Glen Beck runs from this constitutional crises as fast as he can like so many who say they believe in the US Constitution .
  • My thoughts exactly! How to get all together one voice working for the good of this Nation!

  • This is a simple and accurate analysis of why "the Resistance" is failing, i.e., "where the two biggest problems lie", and "the identification of the two solutions that must be put in place" in order to depose the Communist Fraud occupying our White House!  And soooooo --- let's find a "real leader" with the Marketing Skills and Salesmanship Talent to "Reorganize the Tea Party Movement", eliminating all the panhandlers and opportunists who are siphoning off our resources and producing nothing but division, fragmentqtion, duplication and boredom - that someone who can "shoot it out with Obama" and win!  Someone that is not owned by the establishment elites and can use the power of limited media and new media to rally 100 million Tea Party Patriots or Tea Party Patriot Sympathizers into supporting one unified Organization capable of out-funding George Soros and all of his corrupt communist entities of insurgency!  My Suggestion?  My choice is Glenn Beck!  He has done it before, and I believe he can do it again! 

  • Please tell me were i can meet with like minded people in Ct.

  • You go after the media by not attending movies and not watching the news on any channel but Fox.  Our local news is nothing but the weather and one teen-ager shooting and killing another, every night.

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