Obama's Legacy on Black America

4063582368?profile=originalI am on the road touring with Tea Party Express. In my hotel room, I caught an interview with first lady Michelle Obama on “Lift Every Voice”, a faith-based program on BET (Black Entertainment Television). I was amazed at how the black host and program producers portrayed Mrs. Obama and her husband as the couple they want to believe them to be – that is, strongly committed Christians.

In reality, Obama is the most anti-Christian president in U.S. History. Obama's behavior is irrelevant to the TV program producers. I felt like I was watching an episode of the Twilight Zone in which everything was the opposite of reality.

What on earth is going on in the hearts and minds of most black Americans in regard to Obama? Why are a majority of blacks apparently incapable of honestly accessing President Obama's job performance?

In past articles, I blamed The Black Code (never side with whites against a fellow black) and plain old basic black racism for black America's blind loyalty to Obama. However, I must confess that I find myself wondering if something more sinister figures into the mix; a spiritual thing.

The Bible says, “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

Is black America bewitched by Obama? Frankly, I do not know. All I know is something really strange is going on in the psyche of many of my fellow blacks regarding Obama, making it impossible for them to honestly critique his job performance or who he is as a person.

For example: A black Christian minister friend is a hard-core liberal Democrat. And yet, he voted for George W. Bush in protest of the Democrats embracing the homosexual agenda. I informed my friend that along with supporting same-sex marriage, Obama has pledged to be an advocate for the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender communities. Knowing that my Christian friend is pro-life, I informed him that not only does Obama support abortion, he supports infanticide. And finally, I shared how 40 Catholic organizations are suing the Obama administration for mandating in Obamacare that Christian institutions fund abortion services.

One would assume that since my friend voted against his party in favor of Christian principles in the past, he would most assuredly vote against them again, given their extreme anti-Christian agenda. Wrong. My black Christian friend is voting for Obama, again.

Here are excerpts from his reply: “I will point out that Bush was supposed to advocate and make laws to stop these things. I voted for him to do so; he didn't. The issues now are more crucial than the issues identified by you; and while I have not deviated from my stance against these things you name I am force to choose between the lesser of evils. I will assure you that voting for Romney/Ryan will not change these situations any more than voting for Bush did (plus Ryan lied so much even Fox News had to dis him). What will happen however will be that Republican economic principles will hurl us into a worldwide depression so deep it will destroy the world economy as we know it and I add before its time.

He is a president controlled - as every president has been - by powers beyond his power to control from a figurehead position (money rules our political system). This nation will be judged for what its leaders have allowed and I recognized that there are no clean hands here even the ones screaming Christ Our Lord from every campaign perch and every so-called Christian pulpit.”

While dressing his racism up in a nice intellectual well-reasoned-sounding package, clearly, my friend has sold his soul to the devil of skin-color.

So, according to this black minister of God, sacrificing the lives of innocent babies and ignoring the Bible's opposition to homosexual marriage are lesser evils than allowing Romney/Ryan to win the White House. Dear Lord!

Mitt Romney will defeat Barack Obama in November. America will begin to heal, and we will have another black president someday.

But, what about Obama's legacy in regards to how his presidency impacted black America? Will Obama leave blacks striving for the highest ideals as did MLK? Unfortunately not. Obama will leave office with blacks behaving at their monolithic worse; voting skin-color over innocent life, national security, the economy and even their once sacred relationship with Christ.

Black America stooped this low once before with their monolithic celebration of OJ Simpson getting away with practically beheading his wife, the mother of his children. But then, she was white.

I am confident that black America will eventually recover from the stains on its character resulting from its shameful, monolithic racist behavior, rallying around the unworthy likes of OJ and Barack Obama.

America desperately longs for a “true leader” to bring us together as a nation. This person's gender and race are irrelevant. What matters most is his or her character.

Lloyd Marcus, Unhyphenated American



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  • we have had almost 100 years of special programs to help out the blacks, and today, more blacks are unemployed and on welfare than ever before. it seems that the blacks keep voting forn people and policies that have failed them, over and over again, and now we have an entire generation that do not seem able to get an education, and then get a job. they are constantly told by the government, that they are victims, and so they continue to act like victims. the people that they elect, have different names, but they are all the same politically, and promote the same failed policies, as they did 20 years ago....the only difference is that now the welfare is so much better....so why be anything else than a victim, because of your skin color......obama will agree with you.

  • My question is from the past, so sorry but must get this off my shoulder lol! Where was the vetting of Barack Hussein Obama in the first place... Is America so afraid about skin color that we would just allow this to happen... It has nothing to do with the color of Mr. Obama's skin or anyone else, it showed up in his campaign ads back in '08 when he little kids chanting like the Nazi's yet, nobody seemed to care... and kept saying, ah no that can't happen. Some of my friends actually admitted that they would vote for him because of his skin color because they weren't "racist".  Really? Ok now I'm off my soapbox and on to God Bless America and now allow Mr. Romney 4 years to turn this mess around... He is going to need all the help he can get.

  • @JoanneMortensen: I was for Cain too but really wanted Allen West.

  • The Race card is played again and again by Obama and his co. of demons .. but "We the People" are not the racists .. when we finally dethrone Obama .. we will some day have another black person running for President, but this time that person will be one of integrety and character .. hopefully the voting citizens will have learned a lesson from this election as to the character of the incumbent, and not be fooled by the lies and cover ups that have forced good people to bow out of the election process..

    I am a white grandma who would have voted for Herman Cain, but for lack of choices will vote for Mitt Romney, since Clint eastwood is not available !

  • I hope we have a landslide, but don't count on it.  They are evil and will attempt anything to get Obama re-elected. If the mainstream media assists in this fraud and this Country falls, they will be out of work also. Shame on CBS, NBC and MSNBC for supporting this man.  They will be responsible and they will also suffer.

  • Thanks for your news and perspecgtive Lloyd.

    I believe the almost 100% pro-Obama BLACK vote is RACIST too. I can understand the WHITE vote for the FIRST BLACK president but I fail to understand the continued support Obama "seems" to have according to the current media hype. I understand the "media hype" may be a response from the pro-liberal progressive (in the tank) news commentators themselves rather than a true reflection of the nations actual political posture.

    *The November election MAY be the biggest landslide against a sitting president EVER . . . . . no matter what the media "POLLS" are supposedly telling us.

  • Revelations says that in the end times folks will have false gods and be blinded to the truth...they have both with the evil Obama and minions....Character???...Allen West has lots, Michelle Bachman has lots, Mia Love has lots, and Romney is calling it like it is...in private..now he has to do it publically!

  • It is just that Mr. Obama knows really nothing about what it is like growing up in America. He didn't grow up here. He grew up in Indonesia during the Vietnam War. What could he possible have known about parades, apple pie, Halloween parties and "White Christmas" playing on television. Or Sesame Street in the morning before school or daycare. I will not condemn him for not being a citizen, but I will question his delusional dream of what we really are.

  • Oren, interesting when Hitler was dead the spell was broken.  Remember the women in front of Obama nearly passing out for him.  They physically and visually were near fainting because they loved him so much.  Well in Germany the women sent Hitler letters asking to be his wife.  They danced for him, loved him.  Talk about deception....

  • These blacks who follow without question, attend churches that appear to be spirit filled.  The Bible states that some will be deceived.  I hesitate to call these people following Obama deceived, but what do you call people who hear the truth - see the truth and yet still follow the deceiver?  It does not help that their pastors or leaders are assisting in the deception.  (Reverand Jackson) comes to mind. Are the pastors not hearing about the horrible abortions taking place and voted to approve by Obama?   I would hate to be one of these pastors who will answer to God for helping abortion become successful and the killing of babies who could live killed before taking (the rest of them)  from the mother's womb.  Some are still alive when they are delivered.  Who here would like an arm torn off or a leg while you are still breathing.  God will see to these people in His own way and I for one would not want to be one of them.  Wake up Ministers of God, lead your people on the RIGHT path. 

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