Obama's impeachment, how many people really want this?

obama, impeachment:, how, many, americans, really, want, this?,                             

              Obama Impeachment: How Many Americans Really Want This?         


April showers bring May flowers, but not for the Obama administration. Republicans across the country are calling for the president's head after his administration was rocked by several high-profile scandals. But how many Americans really want to see their commander-in-chief removed for “high crimes and misdemeanors?” The answer may surprise you.

What History Tells Us About Impeachment

A U.S. President has never been impeached and removed from office (Nixon likely would have been, but he stepped down before official proceedings could begin). Millennials will of course remember the trial of William J. Clinton, but that farce was brought to an end by a Senate acquittal. Nonetheless, the two events serve as bookmarks in public opinion – how supportive were the American people of impeachment? In Nixon’s case, very. One NBC/Associated Press poll conducted in August 1978 found 72% of respondents believed Nixon had committed an impeachable offense during the Watergate affair. During the height of the Lewinsky scandal, though, only one-third of America supported impeachment proceedings against Clinton (though this fraction increased as it became clear he would not be removed from office, thus the impeachment served as a reprimand, not an ejection).

Democrats also mulled impeaching George W. Bush. Again, public support was lacking. Only 36% believed the warrantless-wiretapping scandal of his second term warranted removal from office; in August 2007, 43% favored impeachment strongly or somewhat, but the majority (52%) still opposed any trials. If the public didn’t support impeaching Bush at the height of his unpopularity, can many favor removing Obama from office?

Republicans believe the answer is “yes.” Though they’ve been clamoring for impeachment since the Benghazi affair, reports that the Justice Department may have illegally seized phone records of journalists, and the ongoing investigation into the IRS’s alleged targeting of conservative groups have given the GOP more scandals than they know what to do with.

The Obama Administration's No-Good-Very-Bad Month

To be fair, the Republicans have claimed everything from Obama’s executive orders on gun violence to the Affordable Care Act justify removal from office. Americans are split on whether the current hysteria is legitimate — on Benghazi, 44% say the GOP’s concerns are fair, while 45% view the hearings as “political posturing.” As the Washington Post points out, those numbers are highly correlated to party identification. A further 55%, including Democrats and independents, believe the Obama administration is covering up pertinent facts. The Justice Department scandal has had less effect, with 52% believing the record seizures were justified. IRS-gate cuts across party lines, with majorities among Democrats, Republicans, and independents strongly disapproving of the activities in Cincinnati. 

Interestingly, these numbers have not had an adverse effect on Obama’s public support. The same Washington Post/ABC News poll finds the president’s rating holding steady at 51% positive.

That’s important. It means that despite weeks of conservative hand-wringing and threats, the American public’s opinions on these scandals aren’t translating into disapproval of the president. Which means Republicans may have a hard time gathering the support they need to oust Obama.

Public Opinion to Republicans: "Not So Fast."

Current polling on whether Americans support impeachment is unreliable, at best. As Huffington Post pollster Emily Swanson points out, polling on this topic is difficult, since results are highly susceptible to variation depending on contact method and word choice. For example, a survey experiment conducted among a representative sample found that support for impeachment varied by nine points, depending on how the question was phrased. Further, opposition ranged from half to two-thirds of respondents, including almost 40% of Republicans. These numbers are fascinating: Even though a plurality of Republicans believes Obama was not born in the U.S. and virtually all of them rate him unfavorably, only 51% to 66% of the rank-and-file conservatives support impeachment proceedings.

These results indicate two important realities. First, Americans recognize that impeachment is an incredibly drastic action to take against a sitting president. Second, the GOP may be betting on the wrong horse.

When Speaker Gingrich and the House Republicans went after Bill Clinton, they didn’t just fail at impeachment. They lost five seats to the Democrats in the 1998 midterms, Gingrich resigned in embarrassment, and they damaged their brand, with almost 60% of the country disapproving of their party. They seem poised to repeat these mistakes, with members of Congress chomping at the bit to begin proceedings. 

Given the fervent desire of the House delegation to remove Obama, perhaps the question isn’t “If?” but “When?” But Democrats need not panic quite yet, as the GOP does not control the Senate (and in my opinion, they don’t have the numbers to pull out a win in 2014). That renders any impeachment proceedings effectively neutered. But Philadelphia Post’s Joel Mathis makes a cogent point about the end results of such a maneuver: “if Republicans decide to impeach a Democratic president again … well, Democrats are probably going to take it personally. They’ll make an entirely rational political decision that there’s no reason not to obstruct, harass, and yes, impeach every Republican every chance they get … Why show restraint if Republicans won’t?” Indeed, one wonders if we would ever see the end of congressional gridlock if every incoming president has to defend against impeachment trials.

Whether the GOP decides to go down that road has yet to be seen (particularly with several high-profile members refusing to support such actions). But polling and history reveal a clear picture: Republicans beware. 

As you can see from the information above, impeachment of Obama is strictly a numbers game for Congress.  They are waiting for US citizens opinions to raise higher in these impeachment polls and voting base to take the Senate in 2014.  Without the high public opinion for impeachment they will not act, however, we also need to work on getting the conservative voting base, Christian voting base and Black voting base out to the polls in 2014 in favor of our candidates, so conservatives can maintain the House and take control of the Senate, before we will see an impeachment of Barack Obama and his administration.  From August 2013, we will have 15 months to raise public opinion and build the voting base needed to win the 2014 election. The only option we have for impeachment sooner, is if more Whistleblowers come forward with incriminating evidence.  This is not looking good with the way Obama administration is going after the Whistleblowers.  There maybe one chance, if Congress does promise Lois Lerner from the IRS, they will take no criminal action against her for her testimony.  This, of course, is not what most of us want to see happen, she deserves to be prosecuted, but if her testimony has enough evidence to impeach Obama, she gets my "yes" vote.  I believe, if she does testify against Obama, others will follow, if they receive the same deal from Congress.  I feel sure her testimony will not only take out Obama, but will also take out some Democrat Senators, which would be a true plus for America.

We also need to vote out some Republican Senators while we working on this.  We know who they are and that they work against us on almost every issue put before the Senate.  I am at a loss to understand how they can work against their own base, only reason I can see that would benefit them to turn traitor to their party, is money.  There must be personal monetary gain, as well as, monetary gain for their state to cause them to become such low life's, therefore they must go in 2014 also.

Please click the link below, take the poll and put some time into finding a local group to join and work with them to support the best candidate to represent your state in Congress.

Time to Impeach Obama?

Do You Trust Obama?

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  • Karol, I am a little taken back here, why compare one president to another in the first place. Its as if you are saying because one was not punished, then, no one should be punished, it's as different as apples to oranges. Obama has committed Fraud and has hoodwinked his way into the highest position in the nation.  He is not qualified to be impeached, but he sure as hell can be arrested. It sounds like more "political correctness" crap. Obama is guilty of Fraud, Treason, Tyranny, murder, for just a few.  I say get him out of that office and do it now! I have no pity for him or anyone in his administration because they are all a bunch of losers who could care less for anyone but their own stinking hides. Divide the country is one plan he has nearly accomplished because he is the racist and encourages it to the black people. The one famous quote, "Together we stand, divided we fall", and fall we will if he is not removed now.

  • We all have signed many polls for impeachment, they are all feelers, to see what is happening with the public.  So far there has not been a high enough percentage to go forward and see success.  Most of the polls are looking for may 75 to 80% of the public voting yes on the polls.  The process to take a President out of office is start with impeachment, as soon as he/she is impeached, then come the criminal charges.  Impeachment starts in the House, then the Senate holds the trial, if enough evidence is found he is impeached,  as soon as that is over the President is charged with the criminal charges and taken into custody and a criminal trial is held.  The house supposedly has the impeachment papers drawn up, just waiting for enough of the public to be ready for impeachment.

  • I want him impeached as long as they take the Clown with him.

  • ...Our children and grandchildren are not to blame,born and reared in a system despot,cruel,bloodthirsty....they will not come,into the world,to be slaves,with totalitarian government,immoral,infested corrupts and traitors...

    Why,if we were born into a free and sovereign,nation democratic...we must leave theirs,a nation invaded by foreign mercenaries,violent,looters,dishonest and traitorous politicians,corrupts,immorals,submissive,communists,""bourgeois socialists",...

    With that freedom,they will be able to be born and develop,in a nation infested with parasites,vagrants,drug-trafficking,ignorance,""misery and desolation",...where the enemies of the United States,to get by their respect,where they will (our children and grandchildren),be subject to repression,fear,intimidation,control,spied,blackmail,....developed and orchestrated by the dictatorship,of the African usurper...

  • If a legitimate president is impeached, he ceases to be president.  Anything he signed or ordered prior to that, stands, because he was duly elected.

    If you Impeach an illegitimate president, it gets him out of the way, but, it leaves the fact that any thing he signed is bogus, any order he gave is unlawful and all that is just left in limbo.

    He has to be charged with fraud, as the reason to remove him from office, which is the impeachment process.  It has to be done by Congress.

    I'm going to keep posting these links until everyone has seen them and understands their significance.  This has to be done!

    Team Arpaio: Rep. Stockman Meeting; Federal Law Violated In Obama ID Fraud Scandal


    Gallups: Rep. Steve Stockman Reschedules Obama ID Fraud Interview; Mike Zullo Takes Spot


    Sheriff Joe Arpaio: There's No Doubt Obama Birth Certificate Forged; Rep. Stockman On Board?


    Team Arpaio: Ties To White House Now Involved; Obama BC Weapon of Mass Deception


  • The reason he can't be impeached: There are no people in Washington DC with the guts remotely close to those of our founding fathers.


    The way despots take over is by control!  Press, healthcare, environment, energy, taxes, information on people, and law enforcement (or lack of as with Holder).  


    Question: Is Obamacare vulnerable for lawsuits because some people are exempted and some are not? - - - unequal treatment under the law!

  • How can you impeach someone who is not even a citizen of our country?  This is why I do not see how I can say I want him impeached.  I just believe that if something isn't done soon we will all end up in FEMA camps or dead.  Look how many are already dead.  

  • He doesn't need to be impeached!!  He needs to be arrested for TREASON!

  • Impeachment in this country is a political process, not a process of criminal justice, even though it is provided by the the U.S. Constitution for high crimes and misdemeanors committed by federal officers. The reason standing Presidents have not been impeached is because a precedent for dealing with elected frauds, criminals, and usurpers, like Obama, has not been set.  And with the current mindset in Congress, one will never be set. 

    I mean, the precedent for the unconstitutional executive order was set by George Washington, when he ordered the federal mint to be built without consulting Congress, and Congress let it go with mention, to the detriment of the Republic.

    I mean, Nixon was pardoned without even being convicted by a court of law.  Whoever heard of a President, like Ford, pardoning an un-convicted felon?  You have to be convicted to be pardoned.  The electorate is apathetic and ignorant.  Most of the people eligible to vote don't give a rat's derriere about what's going on.  Even if they did, Congress is so out-of-touch with the electorate they don't care what a majority of the people say.  Congress, except, for a very few senators and representatives, is composed of a plurality of traitors to the U.S. Constitution. 

    Politics is all about perception, and the the presiding powers have controlled the media to condition the majority of an extremely disparate and uninvolved electorate to perceive the present constitutional, political, and economic conditions of the Republic much differently than they actually are. 

    Concerned Americans should read Barry Goldwater's 1979 book, "With No Apologies," to see that the people proclaiming federal conspiracy are not nuts.  The conditions that currently prevail are not accidents.  They were planned at least 60 years ago with the passage of the National Security Act of 1947.  Unless something happens to the course of events, our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren will never know the freedoms that Americans 55 and over knew in their youth.  God save the Republic!


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