On January 19th, at a Campaign Event, Obama sang a bit of Al Green's 1971 Song, 'Let's stay together'. You can find the video of it in Youtube, Hulu, CNN, AP, and Metatube right now.


As Al Green is still alive now, it was a Copyright violation to sing any of this song. As his singing the song has raised the sales of that Al Green song by %490, I very much doubt that he will press charges for this.


President Obama signed the ACTA, making his singing that song then it going online, a open international violation of Al Green's Copyright by that Treaty that the American People had no say about at all.


Now by that list of events, Obama can be charged in violation of the Law that he signed into effect, and every Website that has carried Obama singing that song can be blocked from entering the Internet, and any website that connects to any of those websites are required by that internation treaty to remove all links to those web sites as well. The Associated Press is linked to more than 1,700 Newspapers, more than 5001 television and radio broadcasters, in more than 120 nations. With ACTA that Obama signed, all othe nations that joined it could cut the news services of their nation off the internet for his little song!

Obama singing that song would also be a violation of SOPA and PIPA if the internet protest had not work to greatly delay Congress from putting those laws into effect.


BTW, PIPA ansd SOPA are still alive, and no steps have been made to make them better or correct by the US Constitution in any way. Even ACTA is in violation of the Bill of Rights. I guess they are waiting until a political group with a Web site, like this one, is cut off for a copyright violation before a Supreme Court case can shot all three of them down. That might a bit too late.

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