May 29th, 2012
Petition Opposing Obama's New Fast-Track Amnesty Waivers
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From the Desk of: Steve Elliott, Grassfire Nation
We are now just THREE days away from the closing of the comment period on President Obama's new rule change that will give 1 million illegal aliens FAST-TRACK AMNESTY. Please go here to sign the petition and have your voice included in this week's petition delivery, and see below for more:
Dear Concerned Patriot,
On Friday, the comment period on the Obama Administration's stealth amnesty rule change (called the “Provisional Unlawful Presence Waiver” rule change) closes.
That means citizen now have just a few hours to have their voices heard on this rule change that will give fast-track amnesty to as many as one million illegal immigrants.
+ + Amnesty With No Votes In Congress!
This rule change was buried on page 19,902 of the Federal Register — in hopes that they could quietly implement the largest fast-track amnesty in recent history.
In fact, this fast-track amnesty is being implement without any votes by your Senators and your Representative. It is quite possible that many members of Congress are unaware of the implications of this rule change.
+ + Your Petition Needed By 9am Thursday
Nearly 100,000 Grassfire Nation team members have signed this petition. In order to ensure that all petitions are processed and properly delivered prior to the deadline, we must have all petitions by 9am Thursday, Central time (less than 48 hours).
IF YOU have not yet signed this important petition opposing Obama's fast-track amnesty rule revision please take a moment to sign now. To be sign this petition and have your voice included before the comment period expires, go here now to sign and oppose Obama's fast-track amnesty:.
Grassfire has identified the formal protocols for delivering comments from citizens pertaining to this fast-track amnesty rule change and will be HAND-DELIVERING petitions to the DHS prior to the end of the comment period.
+ + Fast-Track Amnesty for 1 Million Illegals
Again, if implemented, this one rule change will put at least 1 million illegal aliens on the Fast-Track to legal status -- with virtually no “out of the country” requirement or penalties for the fact that they broke our laws and have been living in our country as fugitives.
After signing, alert your friends -- giving them an opportunity to add their names to our petition so that we may represent them as well during our next delivery to the DHS.
Thank you for taking action with us.
Steve Elliott, Grassfire Nation Darla Dawald, Patriot Action Network (PAN)
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  • Please sign this FREE petition and also call your Representatives.  If this goes through, Obama will have the  new voters he needs to stay in Power.

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