Obama Punishes America

What could go wrong with opening the border for anyone to cross into the U.S. with no medical exam and no restrictions on criminal backgrounds. Next, broadcast to the world that you will take care of all their needs and allow them free movement.  Tell all of them that Obama loves them and will protect them from the mean Tea Party in America.  While making these promises, take tax money paid in from those same Tea Party and no amnesty taxpayers and give it to the new illegals.

Next, the government will give them all driver's licenses and  I.D.s and permission to work and get all the free medical care and food stamps that they can use. Americans are the enemy, so their money will be taken and they will have to pay high premiums for their insurance.  Also, many Americans will be dismissed from the military because they are not the proper race. The idea seems to be:  invite all the the new illegals to join the military so there will be a grateful personal army to keep Americans in line,  Some of them might decide they want to keep some of their money.

This sounds like a  movie plot. Wait, some Americans want to keep their guns for protection from criminals. No problem, get the communist U.N. to take away American guns and sovereignty by invitation. Some people might want body armor and protection from diseases like Ebola and terrorist attacks. To take care of these people, just pass unilateral laws against self-preservation. The MSM will help by talking about being progressive and wanting to issue in the "new world order." This will make papa George Soros so proud. Always obey Valerie Jarrett lest you get on her bad list.  If the so-called president does all these things, he will surely get an "at-a-boy" from his communist friends and big George. The only thing missing from his agenda is giving a damn about Americans.

The biggest mystery here is why the citizens, the military, and the congress stand by and let all of this happen. Could it be that this generation is so uneducated about American history that they are unaware of what is happening? Have people taken their freedoms so lightly that they can't imagine what it would be like to lose them?

It is not unusual for young people to be consumed with starting an adult life and going to school. They are distracted from events in the political realm.  This is not a generation that can so freely ignore what is happening in D.C.  Their lives are being impacted daily by unilateral decisions from the White House and by the consent of the congress to allow illegal actions such as executive orders to be issued with no consequence. As a senior citizen, I will do all I can to fight this tyranny, but the next generation will need to be aware and help with this fight. Otherwise,their hope to be part of a free nation that is the jewel of the world will be jeopardized. The nation which attracts all people who wish for opportunity and freedom will cease to exist.. Many lives were sacrificed to preserve our freedom.  Let's help to make sure that it hasn't been in vain.

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