Obama – Programmed Political Robot


The Obama person just jumped out of the closet and like Weiner exposed himself to the World.  No wonder he is the laughing stock of the foreign Countries – Putin, the Muslim Brotherhood, terrorists and foreign leaders didn’t need to vet him they had the inside scoop on him before he was inaugurated in 2009.

The terrorists thought he would protect their cause by disposing of Gitmo and the Muslim Brotherhood felt very secure in ravaging and taking over other Countries because Obama was their point man and he would open the door for them.  Putin and Angela Merkel regard Obama somewhat like we do when swatting at a fly – just a pest to be knocked out of the way. 

China realized that the minute Obama was inaugurated their quest to become the super power of the World was well within their reach. They didn’t have to wait long to buy the USA for a pittance, because Obama’s first move was to weaken us financially with the stimulus bill in order to initiate his redistribution process.  We’re not just beholdin’ to China they own and control our every move. 

So how did a total stranger take over the highest most prestigious office in our Country without being vetted?  It started in the early 1990’s when Soros, Penny Pritzker, Abner Mikva, and a slew of other Rothchilds Zionists and Communists hand - picked Barack Obama to do their dirty work.  Why was Obama picked – was it due to intelligence, political savvy or his prowess as a leader?  Absolutely not!

Obama was nothing but a “thing” a creation of Frank Marshall Davis, Mikva, Professor Charles Ogletree, Soros, Axelrod, Anita Dunn, Derrick Bell, Bill Ayers, Rezko, Dorhn and so many more were involved in the creation of this “Political Puppet.”  The puppet is only the messenger (a thing) but the teleprompter is the message to fear hand crafted by the radicals.

It’s a tangled web for sure and few people will ever know the exact truth about Obama’s past, because from the time they started creating the puppet, they spent millions to cover up their corrupt bunny tracks.

The fight America is facing is not Obama, but the teleprompter that conveys the Communist, Marxist and Rothschild message.  Obama can’t stand alone without the teleprompter; he’s incapable of communicating intelligently without his prompter.  The face we see daily during his campaign is the face of a robot gone bad, nothing more and nothing less. Frequently the robot malfunctions such as his latest comment about businesses and the reason for their success. 4063539395?profile=original

One must consider his ineptness during his 2008 campaign speeches when he mentioned visiting 57 States in our Union, his inability to remember dates, names and times when signing the guest book in England dating it the May 24th, 2008.  When talking to the troops he said, “A comrade of yours Jared Monti was the first person I was able to award the Medal of Honor to who actually came back and wasn’t receiving it posthumously. “ Oops, Sgt. Jared Monti was killed in action!  By the way what is a “Corpse man, a corpse man or a corpse man? 

In 2008, he showed his total ignorance about the placement of our states – he didn’t even know that his home state of Illinois shares a border with Kentucky, not Arkansas.  When he mentioned the Austrian language in his comment about “wheeling and dealing” he didn’t have a clue that there isn’t any Austrian language.

No wonder people question his faith – in an interview with George Stephanopolis he said, “You’re absolutely right John McCain hasn’t talked about my Muslim faith.  To top it all off when he was trying to sell Obamacare he said, “The reforms we seek would bring greater competition, choice, savings and inefficiencies to our healthcare system.”

He’s nothing but a “thing” programmed by the Communists, Marxists, Rothschild Zionists and Alinsky worshippers. What we do need to fear are the puppeteers who are working behind the scene to destroy our beautiful America.

Take his teleprompter away for one week and he’d be packing his bags and high tailing it out of town. 

May God Bless America

As Always,

Little Tboca

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  • ladybard - it's critical information and takes a lot of research and homewor.  I hope tea party members will start learning about the Rothschild Zionists.  Thanks for the help. Marcia

  • Mr. Nave,

    I'm actually getting a bit tired and I'm sure that our compatriots in this magnificent forum are tired of uninformed but nonetheless goodhearted folks as yourself speaking about Obama being guilty of treason. Please consult the dictionary with respect to the term.  Barry has not betrayed Kenya that I have heard anything about nor is he eligible for impeachment.  I and others have written, in this forum, extensively about this topic and the constitutional ramifications and dangers taking this tact.  You must remove from your vocabulary the terms treason and impeachment when dealing with Obama!  Illegal alien criminals are not eligible for charges of treason nor are they eligible for impeachment. Got it now? 

  • Ladybard - put a URL up on this, very important information

  • Notice several comments on Rothschild Zionists - everyone should research this subject, you will be shocked!

  • Sadly, Mr. Nave, I have known military and law enforcement people who would turn their arms against the American people.  Perhaps not ALL American people, but, maybe, White American people, Black American people, Jewish American people...

    ...This constant Balkanization of America is serving a purpose for someone; there is at least one reason that we have been encouraged -- nay, demanded -- to hyphenate ourselves over the past forty years.

  • When Barry talks jobs, he always says, "...policemen, firefighters, teachers..."  These aren't just union jobs; they are government jobs, none of which increase a nation's wealth or GDP.  He doesn't like the kinds of jobs which produce wealth -- mining, logging, etc.

    The only way to increase wealth is to take things from the Earth; anything else is just moving money around without increasing a nation's wealth.  Some people's wealth will increase, but it will be at the expense of the wealth of others.  Without taking more resources from the Earth we are playing a zero-sum game.

  • I would be willing to discuss these issues with anyone, sinceinder OPbama I like all who served in the Armed Forces are domestic terrorist, we would be the largest threat I would think, I know this I have never met any one in the Armed Forces that would take arms against the American people, that would be deemed an unlawful order, I also agree as this heads closer into the Nov time things are going to heat up, the inept prick is already begging for more money

  • To everyone,


    This is the crap I try to talk about, there has never been a more inept idiot in the White House than this wanna be, since he cannot be all one race he choices to be black, by doing so we the citizen have to worry about be labed racist, anti-Obama and anything else they can come up with, I am sick of not only hearing this blithering idiot on tv but now the political adds, when I open my email on the right side is that fat ass knuckle dragger with a false smile and hatred all around her,

    What would have happen if Laura Bush had said, for the first time in my adult life I am proud of my  country, or all the black only colleges she attended last year, telling these people to not let the white people drag you down, and what the hell is up with all "BLACK COLLEGES" os that not reverse racism, I am sure there is no all WHITE COLLEGE in the US, just like there can never be an all white television station like BET,

    We have to face the fact, Obama is all about Obama, he does not give a flying rats ass if you lose your home, your job hell everything you have because then since you cannot make it, feed your family, pay your rent or house payment, you then become one of the welfare hand me outs he wants, think about it, all he has done in the past four years is pay off the unions, push every single idea he has towards the police, fire fighters, educators all union jobs, if has had one singe clue he would have approved the pipe line, but he cannot goe against the unions and Soros,

    End result, the god damn FBI needs to be on his ass like flys on shit, they need to prove he is a eligble to be here and hold this position, they need to make that fat ass, butt ugly heffer he calls a wife pay the tax payer back for all her wqasted trips and vacations then we need to Impeach his ass and try him for Treason and acts against the United States and her citizens, give him and the useless f=ing Hoder a nice 5x6 cell,

  • Drug user.

    Deceit spreader.

    Prior President.

    Patriots, we must make this happen.

    GOD bless the USA.

  • Terrence, I agree with your comments and that is why I blog - Obama is a hired gun for Soros and others and he won't give up the Presidency willingly.  I believe it will either be a war in Syria or Martial Law, but he's not going to give up the next 4 years without something pretty drastic occurring.

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