Obama on Energy, “Cap and (TRAP)”

We are a nation trapped in forty years of failed energy policy, forced to fight wars at the behest of our oil suppliers in order to maintain a society that cannot function on its own.


Cap and Trade is just the latest ruse to keep the system from failing under its on weight.


Smoke and mirrors used to camouflage the creation of a dynamic system of money transfer to third world nations is the essence of “cap and trade”. It will require a huge investment in people to manage a trading system that creates money out of thin air in an attempt to buy appeasement. The reduction of so called green house gas, CO2, is never accomplished.


Like the ETF, and factious stock market of today where no one is interested in owning the underlying companies preferring instead to gamble on the market, cape and trade, creates an international pyramid scheme where only those in the know benefit. C&T is a project of “community engagement” to funnel money to people in order to secure a stable base of funding and support. Obama has increased the EPA budget to the highest levels in history for enforcement by hiring radical individuals to infiltrate American industry in ways never imagined.


Just in the attempt to jump start the system the EPA budget has been increased to a record $10.020 Billion dollars. What a waste of money. Check out the 102 page budget and ask yourself if there is anything which supports its mission statement[i]. How is it being used other than to destroy the efficiency of the American industrial base? What is the real objective?


Listen to his speech today and try to discern what is going on in the background. Then TAKE ACTION! REDEFINE THE MISSION OF THE EPA OR JUST TOTALLY DEFUND IT!


The future of the United States of America is depending on “WE THE PEOPLE”.


Stay tuned for a look at a real energy policy coming Thursday morning.


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  •  someone needs to check out the factories where those battaries are made , from what i've read there is nothing living within  15 miles  around the plant , everything is dead no plant life , no birds or  no other kinds of animals
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