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Press Release
Law offices of Dr. Orly Taitz ESQ
Chief Justice John Roberts to rule on Noonan et al v Bowen. This is a case filed by Attorney Orly Taitz on behalf of 3 Presidential candidates against Secretary of State of CA Debrah Bowen.
Additionally Attorney Taitz will be arguing a case Grinols et al v Electoral College et al on January 3, 2013, 2pm before Judge Morrison C. England, chief Judge of the Eastern district of CA, Sacramento. Patriots, who believe in the rule of law and the U.S. Constitution are asked to be there in the courtroom in a show of support for Attorney Taitz and the Plaintiffs. Plaintiffs, Presidential Electors and Presidential Candidates, are seeking to enjoin the certification of Obama election due to Barack Obama’s use of forged IDs and a stolen CT social Security number 042-68-4425. Additionally they are seeking to enjoin certification of CA election due to one and a half million invalid voter registrations in the state of California. Taitz subpoenaed Obama, Michael Astrue, Commissioner of Social Security, Patrick Donahoe, Postmaster General, Lawrence Romo and others. Astrue is requested to provide the original application for CT SSN 042-68-4425, which Obama is using in his tax returns, but which was never assigned to Obama according to E-verify and SSNVS. Romo is requested to provide the original application for Selective Service for Obama, which represents a forgery according to Sheriff Arpaio and other experts. Romo is also requested to provide information as to what did he do to apprise the law enforcement and the U.S. Congress of forgery in Obama’s IDs. Postmaster General Donahoe is requested to provide information, what actions did he take to apprise the law enforcement and the U.S. Congress before the January 6 confirmation of Obama’s Presidential election of the fact that there is a forged U.S. stamp in Obama alleged Selective service Certificate. For over two hundred years all the letters sent by the US Post Office contained a postal stamp with a four digit year. The only time a postal stamp was found with a two digit year, is on Obama’s Elective Service certificate. Attorney Taitz had to send a check for $753.20 for each official to fly from DC to CA to the hearing. Taitz sent a check for $975.40 for Obama to fly from Hawaii, where he is vacationing. Public is asked to assist Attorney Taitz with donations to cover enormous expenses of these cases, which she is prosecuting pro bono.
Additionally Attorney Taitz has 5 other related cases in different state and Federal courts. Among them is Taitz et al v Democratic Party et al filed in MS, where among other causes of action is a RICO cause of action, where Taitz states that Obama, “Obama for America”, registrar of the Health Department in HI Alvin Onaka and others entered into a racketeering scheme, where they colluded to raise 2 billion dollars in two elections for Obama, who is a foreign national, citizen of Indonesia, was never legitimate for the U.S. Presidency and got into the position of power by using all forged IDs and fraudulently obtained CT SSN.
More information on the cases, pleadings, affidavits, summons and subpoenas can be found on the web site Public can donate on that web site via PayPal or by check to be sent to the address listed below
Orly Taitz ESQ
29839 Santa Maragrita, ste 100
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688
fax 949-766-7603 phone 949-683-5411

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  • We need to forward this info to all our Representatives and Senators and to he Speaker of house... and DEMAND ACTION.
  • And as an added bonus we need to have all of his dictates and things that he has done, THROWN OUT, OBLAMMACARE AND THE REST OF THAT GARBAGE! Also any and all of the Unconstitutional "Gun Control" laws, Nancy Pelosi, and all of his minions brought into sunlight to melt away forever! We need to restore and reaffirm traditional Constitutional Values, and to once again bring forth a Representative Republic. Figure how many people should be evicted besides Obama, and yes, make them pay back all of the money they stole to go on those lavish vacations, as Savage says, Borders, Language, and Culture!

  • Things that make you go "Hmmmmmmmm!"  I hope and pray that this legal action will be enforceable against this Fraud and Travesty of an administration. 4 years of intensive and persistient investigations of this (no words to describe it) will hopefully be ended. Immediate Eviction is needed, and not one of those slap on the wrist Impeachments that Clinton got. I'm hoping for the best on this, I'd love to see Obama on the grill, as fitting as it is that justice will be finally served.

  • Just as I'd reported about the incident here in the Arizona Desert, of

    1) the Rancher shot dead outside his home in S.E. AZ, which prompted the passing of SB 1070:

    2) then within months, the shooter himself, a Pinal County Sheriff's officer has an alleged shoot out with Cartel members. Stifelled evidentiary by the Arizona Department of Safety was defiantly withheld until withdrawn for such purposes as to pause the Passed Legislation Signed into Law by Governor Jan Brewer.

    3) Then I'd reported recently how convenient the timing of Hurricane Sandy, how they can and do Seed the Clouds to produce Massive downpours of Water, to sway the Election. This type of event is known and is performed by all types of Weather/Meterological Societies in all States and Countries. i.e.: June 9, 1972 Flood in Rapid City, South Dakota, flash flood kills 237 persons, 50 others never found, presumed Dead.

    4) Nuclear subterrainian Detonation in Nevada Desert in November, 2012.

    5) And now this. Yes, there are things afoot at the Circle K Whitehouse

    Bottom line: Please double check the California initiative considering Morals Code violation of the Department of Education and the California Scientific Community (circa 1958-1966). Where they'd founded the proof that HUMAN CLONING (i.e. TestTube Baby) has been discovered and proven. California State Legislators challenged the whole affair as: Scientists and Medical Science attempting to Playing God in the arena of ProCreation from the TestTube. The entire known technology had been neatly packaged and sent directly offshore to the State of Hawaii, at or near the same alleged time of B.H.O.'s birth. It is a proven yet little known law stating: any person or persons born apart from a host body (i.e. Human Woman Person (or) Mother)  was deemed unacceptible behavior by and from any and all means and was never physically nor legally allowed to be given a "Live Birth" Certificate, PERIOD!

    Much Success my sister. God Bless you.


    Max Simon Uhrig III


    Feel free to contact me here. Thank you.

    Merry Christmas and Blessed Holidays :)

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