Obama is talking about using a Exectutive Order to put severe restrictions on Guns. His already used his Signiture to go over the head of Congress before with ACTA's attacks of the First Admendment. Since Copyrighted material is every where in the US, he now has a international treay to give legal way to punish pretty much any US citizen or Company. With his planned exectutive order, her removes any threat that the US general populastion would have to control the US government.


Exectutive orders have been used to order some the worst crimes in would history. Examples of Exective orders include the Soviet military purges of the 1930's by Stalin, or  the 'Great Leap Forward' in 1956, or 'Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution in 1966 by Mao Ze Dong in China. Thoselast 2 exectutive orders caused over 40 million dead.

Obama and other liberals jumpped all over a person that said compared Obama to Hitler. Every action that Nazi Germany did againsat the Jews was a Exectutive order by Hitler, Obama is using Hitler's same method to remove any possible controls by the People of the Nation he's supposed to serve for!

He Got away with ACTA, ( even reelected) and it seems he will continue o see just how far he can push it, maybe far enough to totally take over.

You say it is impossible, I am sure but remember Hitler was elected into offfice as a Reformer!

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