Obama – Matter of Life or Death

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Obama’s mode of operation isn’t a mysterious dark secret and it’s time to remove him from office.  Murder isn’t a stranger to Obama for it’s followed him starting way back during his deep bedded association with the Reverend Wright when he was an active member of Wright’s “Gay Club,” (Down Low Club) which went underground and was pretty much hidden from public view.


The initials of the gay club DLC was identical to the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) and therefore provided a guise for Obama and his gay friends.  How shrewd of the Reverend and Obama to name it the DLC club Down Low Club)…


The following events can be researched and proven­ ­- shortly after Obama declared his run for the Presidency in 2007 three of his close friends in the Gay Club (DLC) were assassinated execution style.  Donald Young, Larry Bland were murdered about a month after he announced his run for the Presidency.


Neither murder was solved by police and Obama went his merry way preparing for the 2008 Presidential Campaign. Nate Spencer was yet another member and friend of Obama’s who conveniently died during this time. 


Obama definitely leaned towards the gay side; Rohm Emanuel and Obama frequented a “gay club” called Man’s Country. Obama had a fetish for gay white men - I don’t believe there’s a white man in this USA who would stand up and verify that information, but it appears that Rohm and Barack were frequent flyers at Man’s Country.


Enter stage left Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-Conn)’s she’s, shall we say, madam who rented the lower part of her condo out to Obama and Rohm Emanuel for their promiscuous parties.  Something of interest, on Jan.10, 2011 in a Washington, DC former top aide for Rep. Rosa, Ashley Turton was found dead insider her car after it burst into flames.  Ashley was doomed due to her exposure to the lifestyle of Obama, Rohm Emanuel and the BP fiasco. 


Ashley was Rosa’s top aide for seven years and Dan Turton immediately after the death of his spouse was hired by Obama as House of Representative Liaison which pretty much covered up all chances for police to solve the death of Ashley Turton.


It’s pretty evident that anyone who interferes with Obama’s agenda or anyone who might actually expose his treason against the USA sooner or later gets snuffed! 


Andrew Breitbart, a staunch Conservative activist who worked diligently to expose Obama’s war against America mysteriously died at the age of 43 of what some called natural causes.  It’s quite evident that there is reason for suspicion because all of the Liberal News Media within minutes of Andrew’s death claimed he died of natural causes even before an autopsy could be performed.  This was and may well be the worst mistake Obama and gang made – they got the cart before the horse.


Michael Cormier one of the coroner’s doing the autopsy on Andrew Breitbart suddenly died of that was believed to be arsenic poisoning. So now we have two more people dead who could have exposed Obama’s shady murderous trail.


Eric Holder (AJ) probably has a good reason for resisting the interrogation by Darrell Issa and Chuck Grassley – he has been stonewalling the investigation into the Fast and Furious gunrunner operation for over a year.  Two of our finest agents murdered along with hundreds of innocent Mexican men, women and children due to the gun walking operation. 


Eric Holder and Janet Napolitano are the two people who could finger Obama as the man behind the Fast and Furious gunrunner operation.  It is a matter of life or death to them and right now they’re fighting for their life by refusing to cooperative with the gunrunner investigation.


Sheriff Joe has not only been receiving death threats, Obama and Holder are trying to stop his “Cold Posse” investigation because Sheriff Joe, like Andrew Breitbart is starting to unravel Obama’s sordid past. The Obama Administration functions under mafia rules and once a person becomes a member they’re either a member for life or??????


May God Bless America

As Always,

Little Tboca

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  • Marcia-In your search bar, type  "imprision of treason" - -it's all there.

  • June how do we go about removing him?  Please share the info.

  • There is a way to, legally, remove the impostor from the oval office; it's called "imprision of treason" - -does "US Provost Marshall" come to mind?

  • Be not deceived by what you see, nor let the veil of lies cover your face.  If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear their prayers and forgive their sins and heal their land.  Ok, not exact quote, but you get the picture.  There are prayer warriors out there, and we are not giving up, and not letting Satan win this one!  Power of prayer, and taking your authority over the evil one will turn the tide, but it must not cease.  Intercede, stand in the gap, for we will win this one.  Speak it, for the tongue is a powerful tool, and be careful of what you say, and put out their.  Remember, do not give up, do not cease!

  • Len,

    Hope you understand my comment - I meant it doesn't make any sense that we haven't stopped him before this and that Joe Arpaio is the only one doing any real investigating with the cold posse.  I was tired when I wrote my comment and it certainly didn't come out right.  Hope you'll forgive me for such a stupid remark - I've been in the hospital 24/7 with a friend and just too tired.  Thanks for such a good response.  Marcia

  • It's likely that there will be enough lies continuing to come forth, and division will continue. Romney will be shown to be the piece of crud he is and America will not vote for him, but will split the vote many ways, with Ron Paul taking a lot, and perhaps others will vote for Santorum and Mickey Mouse, etc, but in the end, this present administration and media will declare Obama the winner again. Romney is not the answer, neither is Paul, and I'm sad to say that Obama may continue even though he is not even eligible to be in office even now. I don't know for sure, but it's logical if you understand what has happened and what is going on in the USA and the world these days. The biggest hope any of us have may be once we see this happen, to remember these words and strongly consider getting out of America if this happens. Our national defense is very weak right now and with more flexibility allotted to Obama he will likely remove our final defenses once his international alliance is finished bankrupting us, and this will allow our many enemies to launch a full out attack where our weapons (guns, knives, small bombs even, etc) will be useless against Iran's soon to come missiles along with North Korea etc. If they have what a believe to be the case, an alliance of islam, iran, n. korea, communists, socialists, muslim, africans, and others rallied together who hate us and want us off of the map, this will likely be what will happen and it will only be allowed because God is removing His protection off of us, since we as a country have not allowed Him to stay, and we have not humbled ourselves and prayed and turned from our wicked ways and sought His face, for the most part. These is perhaps our only true defenses. Stay close to God, keep in prayer, and be ready for anything. Martial law could happen, and that is a viable threat to congress, because if/when martial law occurs, Congress will have no power for 6 months I believe I read. If they began to do anything substantial about Obama, Obama merely has to declare martial law at that point. These guys have covered most every angle with the new laws they've been implementing over the past 8-15 years or so. I've seen a lot of changes to very important matters, and as Cody Judy said, they've tried about 8 times to re-define the natural born citizen clause to fit their agendas, just like homosexuals have hijacked the word gay to fit theirs.

  • Len what you're saying doesn't make any sense, people complain about his legitimacy but that's as far as it goes - either too complacent or just don't care. This person is a traitor on our turf along with his entire Administration. 

  • Steve - Obama is putting everything in place to declare Martial Law if he sees he's definitely losing - that's when the Wall Street Protestors will be used in full force. 

  • It is so important that we make sure our local governments do now get sucked into any plan by this renegade administration for martial law.  We MUST encourage them to honor their Oath!!  Our enemy is not our troops, the state, county, or city law enforcement.... It's this administration, and anyone who swears allegiance to it .    People aren't stupid!  Guns haven't been flying off the shelves across America for nothing!!

  • Well what do we know so far? He's anti-American, anti-Israel, pro-Muslim, pro Muslim Brotherhood, bows to the King of Saudi Arabia, is very likely Muslim himself. Now it appears that he may be gay or bisexual. He bribed Rev Wright to desist from preaching in public until the Nov 2008 elections were over. He runs around the country and the world on business (so he claims) that is not announced and whose purpose is never revealed either before or after the trips. A series of mysterious deaths are associated with him and his career. He has deep connections to radicals, communists, Marxists, anarchist, terrorists. Yet, no one is calling for an investigation (other than Sheriff Arpaio and WND) and after he emerges from his canal of sewers the media cleans him up and dresses him in a new suit before the public can perceive any sinister appearance or odor. The republic has been betrayed just as our founders feared it would be because only a moral people can preserve the republican form of government. Such a man could only rise to the position of President in a corrupt and degenerate society. Only this perspective allows me to make any sense of what happened between 2008 and 2012 in America. 

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