By John W. Lillpop

Tuesday, April 29, brought a long-overdue measure of justice to the personage of Clayton Lockett for his role in the barbaric, subhuman murder of Stephanie Neiman.

For the sake of those not familiar with Lockett’s wanton snuffing of a human life, details were as reported in reference 1:

On June 3, 1999, Stephanie was driving a friend home in her Chevy pickup and had the misfortune of arriving when three men were there, supposedly attempting to beat a debt out of Bobby Bornt, 23, who lived there with his 9-month-old son.
One man hit Stephanie’s friend with a shotgun and forced her to call Stephanie inside. The men then raped the friend and beat Stephanie, when she refused to give up her truck keys. They bound her with duct tape and drove her to a country road.
Still, she refused to say she wouldn’t call the police on them, so they forced her to her knees and made her watch one gunman dig a grave. When one man shot her, his gun jammed, while Stephanie screamed. The man cleared his weapon and shot her again. Even though she was still breathing, the man ordered his accomplices to bury her, which they did.”

Shot and then buried alive, mind you!

Fast forward to April 29, 2014 when the state of Oklahoma executed Offender Lockett with the use of lethal injection.

Unfortunately for Lockett, his state-sponsored demise did not go as planned, bringing (GASP!) untoward pain and suffering to the brutal killer.

A detailed timeline of Lockett’s veil of tears was provided by Oklahoma and is repeated at the link below:

Barack Obama Politicizes Lockett Execution

In his first public response to Oklahoma’s botched execution by lethal injection this week, President Obama called for a review by the Justice Department of the use of capital punishment in the US and directed officials there to ask “hard questions” about its future.

“In the application of the death penalty, we have seen significant problems,” such as racial bias and the execution of innocents, as well as the “deeply troubling” execution of Clayton Lockett, he said, responding to a question at a joint press conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Friday.

“All these do raise significant questions about how the death penalty is being applied,” he added.”

Note that Obama used Lockett as a convenient excuse for playing the race card.

Note, too, that Obama continues to support the murder of the unborn innocent through abortion, a practice which has cost more than 50 million lives since 1972.

A pertinent question for the wimps and weasels who are grieve about Lockett’s date with justice:

How is the execution of Clayton Lockett in any way  “botched”? After all, the murderous thug IS dead and will kill no more, right?

Forget the bleeding heart sympathy! Clayton Lockett ultimately received justice, even if it was somewhat messy!

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