The UN has in essence declared war on both Judeo and Christian civilizations with the resolutions passed in the past few days. There will be more to come, both in the Middle East and here in the United States. The Western culture, long the bastion of prevention of crimes against humanity and a culture of laws that have helped maintain a reasonable peace through the world has been usurped by a United Nations that is anti-Semitic and assisting, along with the European Union in the establishment of a Caliphate One World Order.

This year has seen great advancement in the anti-Semites in the United Nations. It has culminated in the deligitimization of the Israeli State in a campaign that Obama has orchestrated in the final days of his administration to create an atmosphere of conflict and hate towards the Israeli people. Obama and his minions John Kerry and Samantha Powers has been instrumental in the attempt of  a “cultural genocide” of the people of Israel. It is based on lies being put forth by the Palestinian people and enforced by the Islamic Middle East and the sycophants that toe the line for them.

Resolution 2334 is a farce in so many ways. The United Nations committees and the UN General Assembly have adopted 10 different resolutions against Israel, which is the only true democracy in the Middle East. Only one resolution on the genocide in Syria, where Assad has committed genocide of his own people to the tune of over 600,000 fatalities was discussed, and weakly passed. Even here, a resolution was passed that claimed Israel was guilty of the deaths of Syrian Refugees in the Golan Heights, which has already been proven to be false, but was passed for media coverage around the world, once again blaming the Israelis for the violence.

The Palestinians in concert with the United Nations have spent the last many decades attempting to destroy Israel. The UN High Commissioner of Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad and Jordans Prince Zeid al Hussein are even now attempting to create a “blacklist” of International companies in Judea, Samaria, Jerusalem and the Golan Heights to apply pressure in the hopes of the collapse of the Israeli economy.

The UN Envoy for Children and Armed Conflict through the UN Special Rapporteur Dubravka Simonovic visited a visit to Israel and the West Bank by concluding that prolonged occupation of lands that belonged to Israel to begin with have caused oppression and violence against women, has stated Israel is the only violator of women’s right, ignoring such countries as Saudi Arabia, The Islamic State and the Taliban.

The US World Health Organization has declared that Israel is in violation of the “mental, environmental and physical health of Palestinians, even though during the constant terrorist attacks and wars that have been instigated against Israel, they were the only entity that actually provided medical assistance to those they were fighting against.

Professor Micahel Lynk, a rabid anti-Semite was placed in charge of a special investigation pf alleged Israeli rights violations. Professor Lynk is hardly impartial, being on the board of many pro-Palestinian organizations. Lynk was blaming the West for the destruction of the World Trade Center three days after the disaster. He has accused Israel of Aparthied, and has openly stated that he seeks the destruction of the Jewish State. He is a member of the Canadian-Palestinian Education Exchange  and has been instrumental in events such as the 4th Annual Israeli Apartheid Week”. He has spoken at events of popular resistance on the “International Day of Solidarity with Palestinians. In March 2009, he spoke of the “one State Solution” whose main focus was the destruction of Israel.

Even the President of the UN General Assembly Peter Thompson of Fiji has donned the keffiyah of the Palestinian resistance, giving confirmation that Palestinian violence is condoned by the United Nations. In the 71st Session of the General Assembly, Mr. Thompson declared that peace in the Middle East was “fundamental to our efforts to realize the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people”. He did not note that the majority of obstacles to the peace of a non-existent people was because of attacks, shootings and knife attacks within Israel perpetrated by these people who looks to protect and have been the major millstone around the neck of Middle East peace.

There is no tangible evidence that the Palestinians even want peace, or a state of their own. There have been workable peace accords in the past that have been rejected and lead to nothing more than more violence. As far back as 1947, the New York Times bore a headline of the General Assembly vote of Palestinian partition which the Arabs walked out and declined to take part. In 2000, and 2008 reasonable peace settlements that would have given the Palestinians control over Gaza and most of the West Banki were rejected. It was rejected because part of the agreement would have meant that the Palestinians would have to agree to Israel’s right to exist.


UNESCO has blindly labeled ancient Jewish Biblical lands as “Islamic” a religion that did not even exist until 600 years after the long held settlements of the Jewish people. UNESCO would only signify such areas as the Temple mount, a holy site to the Jewish religion by the Arab Name in order not to make a reference to the Jewish hold site. No compromise was allowed, even when requested by UNESCOS executive board chairman Michael Worbs. Of course, the wording on the resolution with the exclusion of any Jewish input was hailed by Mounir Anastas, the Palestinian deputy ambassador to UNESCO.     If they are now declaring that these sites are now Islamic because of its conquest, that the same parameters must be used for Israeli lands that the Isrealis were originally given and fought to return to their homeland.

There is a great deal of Resolution 2334 that will be a major impediment to any form of peace in the Middle East. This is due to the Palestinians , the Islamic countries, and those of the European Union and even our own administration that have deluded themselves into an anti-Semitic mindset which has been found to be inculcated in the progressives throughout the world. What was to be a mutual agreement of peace between the two parties involved has been hijacked by entities that seek Israel’s destruction, including our own cowardly administration in its final days.

Some points that must be made clear in the resolution are as follows:

This resolution has been adopted under the sixth chapter of the UN Charter and as such is not mandatory and any determinations made under this resolution as far as the legality of the Israeli settlements are opinion and not legal fact. Under a Chapter six resolution, there are only recommendations. There can be no sanctions on Israel, although it will surely be what the International community will attempt now. It also does not state that the settlements in question are illegal it dies assert that they are. This can be disproved by many arguments including those made above. There is an attempt by the anti-Semites to create a moral authority to shame Israel from building settlements in what in the homeland they were given and won back from Jordan during a defensive war.

The international community has for the first time indicated that a country such as Israel must be forced to return lands that belonged to them from the start and was won in  a defensive war, something that has never been a part of any conflict in the past. This same international community condemns Israel for conduct operations against terrorist organizations and yet are silent on the genocide of Assads own people or the US attacking ISIS, or other regions where terrorist organizations are being fought. This is because of the belief that those attacking Israel are not terrorists but freedom fighters fighting for a land that was never theirs to begin with.

There have been additions made to the original resolution such as “the status quo is not sustainable” “there can be no one-state reality” and others that have been direct quotes pulled from declarations by Obama, John Kerry and VP Joe Biden. There is also a statement to use the 1967 lines as a basis of negotiations, another statement made by both Obama and Kerry. By abstaining to veto this resolution, this administration has also laid waste to East Jerusalem an area that has been Jewish for thousands of years, and was never a part of any other agreement up to this point. The Oslo accords, which was agreed to by all signatories including the PLO, Egypt, and the EU significantly stated that the issues of Jerusalem and occupied territories were to be negotiated.

There is a call to enforce the BDS movement used by activists and progressives to attempt to destroy the Jewish economy. It will lead to even more terror and resolutions from the international community’s that will attempt to force the Israelis into concessions they can never agree to.

This resolution was instituted as a Chapter VI rather than a Chapter VII because the UN understood that it would be in contravention of Resolutions 242 and 336, passed in the past that give the lands in questions and do not have any mention of the Palestinians.

As stated in 1977 by PLO Executive Committee member Zahir Muhsein:

“The Palestinian people does not exist. The creation of a Palestinian state is only a mean for continuing our struggle against the state of Israel for our Arab unity. In reality today there is no difference between Jordanians, Palestinians, Syrians and Lebanese. Only for political and tactical reasons do we speak today about the existence of the Palestinian people, since Arab national interests demand that we posit the existence of a distinct “Palestinian people” to oppose Zionism.”

These are the people that this cowardly administration against a majority of the people in the country, both Democrats and Republicans.

We have Secretary of State John Kerry, a progressive who has been an embarrassment since VietNam stating that because he feels the Israeli government is run by right wing extremists that this had to be done.  He made the idiotic statement that Israel can be “Jewish or Democratic”.  

There will be more plots to further erode the Israeli way of life. Rather than let the next administration who is more likely to help Israel, Obama and his treasonous sycophants will do all they can to tie the hands of our country to assist Israel. But what should we expect from a lying Musilm President, a war coward like Kerry, and a UN ambassador who speaks of genocide, but ignores Syria and blames Israel.

It is up to Congress to cut off all funding, or even better, send the UN to Brussells, and out of this country. It is no longer effective, wanted or even to speak the truth.


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