Barack Obama is blocking conservatives on Twitter

As Twitchy first reported last summer, the official twitter account of President Barack Obama seems to have a penchant for blocking conservatives.

It appears that Obama’s social media staffers have blocked at least one conservative’s account recently. Up to their old tricks again?


In related news, Obama’s Twitter account is still following the pornography feed @ILikeTitsDaily.


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  • Since when does that ineligible usuper care what Americans think???  He has his own agenda and conservative, moral, Christian thoughts do not fit in.  Now if you belonged to the Muslim Brothehood or the Socialist party  well...........

  • ROFLMAO...following @ILikeTitsDAily...LMAO! What a TWERP! What does the big bad mojo momma of wife think about this!?

  • Thanks Dee & David: One more account of TREASON, 1st amendment violation, more TYRANNY by this WH & DC. How much more are We The People going to take by the TRAITORS AKA ( domestic TERRORISTS ) in DC. Face Book has also done this to me & alot of friends. Also google & yahoo there are many complaints for 1st amendment violations. Time to march America, if these violations havnt happened to you are you sure youre really standing up for God Country, Constitution & Family.

  • I to thought twittering was dumb but Michele Malkin convinced me otherwise. It is one way to reach lot's of big deal celebrities , politicians and news organizations as well. The rich and famous are all over twitter so give them a piece of your mind on there. We don't need the Main Stream Media anymore .

  • No problem here.  I've always thought twittering was for twits anyway.  It doesn't take a brain surgeon to know Obama could care less what conservatives think, or for that matter, what anyone thinks.  He does his own thing at our peril daily.

  • Fox News just had on a democratic and Republican talking heads and they both condemned twitter. Both political parties are full of Mutts. and can't be trusted .

  • It was always a total waste of time anyway , who want's to talk to that scumbag ? I only talk to friends and possible friends neither category does he fit in .

  • I think the S.O.B is so arrogant and so into himself that any outside influence is just a disstraction. I believe that he trully has an evil agenda and simply does not want any disstractions! I don't think he cares what any of us think!

  • The classic move of a true Communist , censor and halt free speech . Obama would like to shut the internet down especially the social media sites , then the only news we could get is that approved and broadcast by the Lame Stream Media .


    The original petition for Obama to resign due to forged documents, was removed from the White House site. A new one is up. Please go and sign. You can reach it via Dr. Taitz site.
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