Barack Obama is blocking conservatives on Twitter

As Twitchy first reported last summer, the official twitter account of President Barack Obama seems to have a penchant for blocking conservatives.

It appears that Obama’s social media staffers have blocked at least one conservative’s account recently. Up to their old tricks again?


In related news, Obama’s Twitter account is still following the pornography feed @ILikeTitsDaily.


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  • no surprise, this what communists do

  • what do any of you expect from a muslin communist; all he dose is lye about everything, the truth is too much for him to handle.


  • Obama's head is full of sand. What would anyone expect from a natural born Sand Jockey? A Knight in shining armor? Obama is NOT An American Citizen, PERIOD! He's a Camel Humper.

  • He only wants the constant adulation of his peeps. Obviously there are millions of us he does not want to hear from. He only wants to represent illegals and part of America's citizens.

  • Jean -The second petition put up by Dr. Taitz has also been removed.  However, we can again go to "petition2congress" and make our voices heard.  On page #2, there is a petition demanding a full recount of the 2012 election, with 118,300 signatures!  On page #3, there is a petition demanding impeachment, with 9605 signatures.  Page #4 has a petition demanding "No swearing in of obama-soetoro" with only 288 signatures.  On page #7, is a petition demanding a full scale investigation of obama-soetoro's eligibility, with 41,698 signatures.  That's as far as I had time to go, but there are over 40 pages of fax/petitions.  Go in, look around, don't be afraid to sign and send, it's a "free service" that only costs US a few minutes of time!  AND the "black house" can't take it down!

  • Well, that should be "we can make our presence known"

  • No one needs to "twitter" the twit; we can make our presence know, face to face, when we march on DC and blockade the cesspool.  Shut it down entirely; no one in, no one out, no air traffic allowed (that includes Marine One)!  No power, no phones, no internet, powerless cellphone towers; we can, literally, make the entire city our "prisoner"!  If that's what it takes, we should do it.

  • I tired to sent him a message on election day when he was elected as " HIS HIGHNESS " dictator in chief ,one with absolute power over everyone & everything. I''ll  be glad when we become THE GREAT UNITED STATE OF FLORIDA. Yall come see us you here.

  • never though I would have something in common with O'shithead but   ,I like tits dayly also,but I'm verry homophobic I thought he/she/it was Queer,go figure,maybe he means man tits, who knows,

  • So since he does not consider himself as President of all the people I do not consider him my President either. 

This reply was deleted.