While watching yet another news show this morning about the lack of Obama's actions on just about every important issue facing the United States of America I suddenly realized WHY.

President Obama is AFRAID.  Mr. Obama has bitten off far more than he can chew with his presidency and he knows it. He may have been successful locally while being a Senator but he was far too inexperienced to take on the role as leader of the most powerful country in the world.

Mr. Obama's rose-colored glasses have taken on the deepest rose to the point where he is completely blinded by what is really happening all around him and those glasses now have blinders on them as an additional hindrance to what he doesn't want to see.

This man is afraid.

We all know another major 9/11 type terrorist attack is going to occur.  And probably soon.

I am certain that President Obama is going to call in sick on that day.  And Biden will probably catch the same illness as Obama.

At this point in time, we have no one running our country.  Instead, we have a leader who is running from his sworn responsibilities.

I propose that when that unfortunate but likely time comes, the House of Representatives take over.

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  • Sue,

      I to believe Obama KNOWS  what he is doing as his gang of criminals. Don`t sell him short. He thinks we don`t  need IRS  ,Wall Street ,Supreme  Court , Congress, Bill of Rights,  The Cons. and borders.  And strong military . So, yea he knows and his gang does too. Blacks are  his slaves and the libs and the dems   the same sex marriage people . The legal drug smokers too. He is good very good give them what they want and keep the fighting between everyone and he goes on his merry little way to take down the country. Today On a local news Gov. Perry invites Obama to meet for border problem Obama  going to Texas for border problem NOT ONE WORD ABOUT OBAMA had plans to do two fundraiser before hand. SO yea everything is planned by this countries enemies in washington.So if the black community didnt have their rose color glasses on about this President even the dems and  everyone else. MAYBE THEN they would realize the MOST WONDERFUL COUNTRY IN THE WORLD IS BEING  DESTROYED

  • King Obama taught the Constitution at Harvard for years.  He knows all the ways to get around the law.  

    "One law fits all"  is wrong.  Congress should keep this in mind when voting on laws like..Obamacare,   We are far too diverse in this country to be ruled by such a all-encompassing type of law.

  • I don't believe Obama is smart enough to know exactly what he is doing.  I do understand your point, however, and though this may be his "idealism" he certainly doesn't have enough time left in office to see it to fruition.  But whatever the truth is for this president's inaction it is frightening that this man holds such a powerful position

  • I am afraid that is wishful thinking, but certainly hopeful because I think he knows exactly what he is doing. His job was to turn this country it into another EU. To erase our borders for their new world order. Maybe I am wrong. I certainly Hope so.

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