Obama Hates Senior Citizens


  • Extends Payroll Holdiay Tax Again draining Social Security
  • Depressed Interest on Seniors savings, bonds and Money Market


  • Hid Taxes in Obamacare
  • Reduced funding in Medicare
  • Rationing Healthcare




Obama Isn’t Your Friendly Neighborhood Doctor Looking Out For You














Obama Needs Four More Years To Finish Off Senior Citizens

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  • DUH, BO hates seniors and that is why he shoved obamascare to get rid of us. VOTE and VOTE in you state for state reps.

  • Leonard! ....  Greetings! ...  please KNOW --I REALLY  Like your Attitude!  (Mostly, I suppose, because I  TOTALLY  AGREE, in principal.) Since I too am 87 Yrs. Young (b.2-15-25; rural MO dairy farm; WW-II Army Artillery-France&Germany, Mech. Engineer).... Healthy as A Lively Youngster;  and Very Thankful that that's how it is ...and with  a 4-word sort of  Game Plan:  "Ageless  Body ... Timeless  Mind".

    And am quick to Point  Out:  What's important, really  Important,  is...Not "How Many are the Decades already Passed ...  Rather it's  --HOW  MANY  GOOD  ONES ... YET  Lie  AHEAD"!  
    And for me,  Len, as my firm Intention,-- I DO Intend that there yet WILL  BE  (With the good  Lord Above's Cooperation, of Course... --and Why Wouldn't HE? )-- ...WILL BE   SEVERAL   GOOD   ONES ... waiting me...on down my earthly road.  In fact I intend to be the Last  WWII  Military Survivor --Okay??  (Whatever number of Decades and Years,  Months and Days (and HoursMinutesSeconds)  Are  NEEDED.)
    And if you were WW-Il Military, Mr. Winters -- Please here and now FEEL  CHALLENGED! --I intend to get the Longest-Lived Award ..., or 'LAST 
    Living  Survivor of WWII'  Award. (And this same Challenge still goes... if you're NOT military... Cause I like Your Attitude!)  -- But Len, I also Fervently Hope You're ... right there, too -- at finish Lineclose-up ... with  Earl!  
     -- What'd  You  Say, my  Competitive Friend ??
    With Very BEST  REGARDS to You ... Sincerely, ... Earl  Bage  (r/w-`page'); Lehigh Acres, FL 33836  9239.368.9993) bagee@asme.org
  • they are quit p.o.d at me, have made it to 87 yrs.  my pension fund hates me, my retirees insurance co. hates me.  am having a great time spending all the money they took from me years ago.  payback is so, so very sweet. have no intention of turning up my toes until the commies are gone, gone gone, the milwaukee brewers win the pennant, the wisconsin badgers win the rose bowl, and the packers win the super bowl all in one year.  revenge will be so fine. got an uncle who lived to 101, another lived to 96, and another until 94.  old age gets better each year. it just depends on your perspective and what vyou are living for.  spite is a very good reason.

  • The money could still be there for us but the EPA and other dept have to be taken our and their fake rules and regulation taken out so company can go back to work.. Right now we still are the best county but if Obama has his ways this country will be under muslim rule and nothing but muslims living here.

  • When Johnson took over after Kennady was killed, which he was part of, He had the funds tranfered from its lock box to open fund for Washington to waste on their porks...

  • Elaine, of course the government has been stealing it, and the money will NOT be there after several years to cover it properly and eventually not at all, same with MEdicare.  Read this statistic.  If the link don't work, just google it.

    Daily Number: Baby Boomers Retire - Pew Research Center (Rate of 10,000 per day.   One more interesting topic about this stat is this:  Imagine if all these seniors wern't leaving the workforse what the actual unemployment figure would be, and Boomers started retiring last year under Obama?

    Your article is a Government posting, something I would be completely sceptical about. and of course you know that when SS first started there wre something like 12 people paying into the system for every retiree, and they didn't live as long then.  Now it's something like 2 to 1. 

  • Well, here's one senior citizen he doesn't want to meet on a dark night. It's time for him to GO for his own sake don't you think? THE PATRIOT'S MARCH ON D.C.    STEPHEN

  • Obama & the Leftys know S.S. & Medicare are Federal Programs that are bankrupt.  Soon, with Millions of Baby Boomers already retiring, there will chaos, and they know it.  They will start by Obamacare, then deny many benefits that prolong life as unnecessary.  Eventually there will be euthenasia.   Think of Soylent Green.

  • Lets face it, Obama hates America, both young and old. Here's an intersting clip.


  • Well.. Ladybard... I don't know about anyone else but I'm PRAYING as hard as I can... and if he keeps on this same path of distruction we'll ALL be fasting... as in starving.    :(       Something's gotta give !!!!   But it sure isn't gonna be Obumble.   

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