Obama: Going Rogue

Remarkably, President Obama has gone rogue, running as no other democrat before him; openly declaring war on America. The opposing armies are Obama's entitlement-minded-social-justice-zealots vs hard working Americans – patriots who love their country and respect our Constitution.

Please allow me to explain. Every election, democrats never campaign on who they really are. They never reveal their we-know-better-than-you how-to-run-your-life, intrusive big government agenda. Instead, these great pretenders whip out the old “moderate” mask disguising their “extreme liberal” intentions until after the election. Obama won the presidency in 2008 pretending to be a moderate.

4063527639?profile=originalTo win reelection, Obama has “gone rogue”, boldly going where no democrat has gone before. Obama in essence has said, screw it. I am not going to masquerade as a moderate. I am going to campaign as a full blown anti-capitalism anti-Constitution progressive/socialist!

Obama believes he and his minions (the mainstream media, the schools - K thru college, TV, movies and the democrats) have successfully “transformed” the country.

Who could have foreseen when Obama vowed to “fundamentally transform America”, he was really talking about transforming “us”? Obama believes he and his buddy's relentless assaults on our traditions, morals and values have transformed a majority of Americans into entitlement junkies; haters of achievers – dumbed-down deadbeat losers solely dependent on government for our very existence from cradle to grave? Such is Obama's strategy to win reelection.

Obama's reelection scheme includes dividing Americans into mini-voting blocs all perceiving themselves to be victimized. He promises college kids lower tuition interest rates. To secured the gay and Hollywood vote Obama came out in support of gay marriage. To secure the hard core feminist vote, Obama ignored the Constitution forcing religious institutions and taxpayers to fund contraception and abortion services against their faith.

With black unemployment at an unprecedented high, Obama may not enjoy the democrat's traditional lock on winning a monolithic black vote. In panic mode Obama's campaign will double down their efforts making the election about race by intensifying their attempts to paint the tea party racist. He is also campaigning to rally blacks around their homey.

4063527597?profile=originalAlso troops in Obama's army against America are the OWS losers – spoiled brats who hate achievers and believe they are entitled to the fruit of other folk's labor. Talk about the wild bunch, Obama's OWS battalion includes Marxists, Communists, anti-Semitics, racists, rapists, the lazy and trifling along with assorted other nuts. Mr. President, I would not put much stock in this mob getting out of bed on election day and finding their way to the polls.

4063527672?profile=originalIn essence, Obama has declared war on working, successful, self respecting and self reliant Americans. We are engaged in an unreported epic battle for the heart, mind and soul of America - Obama's army vs the rest of us.

Destroying our economy is a part of Obama's reelection campaign – make life so horrible, voters will turn to big government via Obama to be their savior. Yes, I said it. Obama is destroying our economy on purpose.

American household wealth dropped 39%.Forty-five million Americans are on food stamps and that number is growing.

Obama still blames our horrific economy on Bush. Bush left office with America $5 trillion in the red. Obama has tripled Bush's spending putting us a whooping $15 trillion in debt. Economists say once Obama's entitlements are fully implemented, America will be $211 trillion in the hole.

So, let me make sure I correctly understand Obama's Economics for Dummies. If my wife maxes out our 100 thousand dollar limit credit card – following Obama's method to turn my finances around, I should acquire two more 100 thousand dollar limit credit cards and max them out as well. Obama calls this fiscal responsibility.

I say it again, Obama is destroying America's economy on purpose. With pride he is the welfare/food stamp president. Obama believes the Constitution and Capitalism are unfair and must be replaced with social justice.

Patriots, our president's bold aggressive attack on who we are as a nation is unprecedented. Obama has drawn a line in the sand proclaiming, THIS IS WAR!: his anti-achievers vs achievers; black vs white; those who harbor disdain for America vs those who love her.

I am not talking about a foreign dictator pounding on the podium with his shoe at the UN, screaming, “We will bury you!” The person seeking to dethrone America as the world's super power is the current president of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama.

No, you are not asleep having a nightmare. Nor, am I describing an episode of the Twilight Zone. Obama's war on our country and responsible Americans is very, very real. God help us.

Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American

Chairman – www.CampaignToDefeatObama.com


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  • Lloyd, along with countless others, has asked God to help us.

    As a child, I was taught that "God helps those that help themselves".

    The only way to defeat this Muslim/Fascist is to become solidly united.

    Lloyd is absolutely correct. Armageddon has arrived sooner than expected.

  • The TIME is getting closer for us to LOCK AND LOAD! OH, don't misunderstand me folks, I do not want it to come to that but the way stupid (o dumbo) is going and the clowns folling him we may not have much choice. I'll wait and see if they throw/fire the first round.

  • I am elated that Obama has finally tired of being a shape-shifter and chameleon. I was very concerned that he would follow Clinton and masquerade as a 'moderate' because there are enough gullible Americans who would have been fooled by this ruse, demonstrated by Clinton's re-election. As Floyd states, he has decided to risk making his ideology more transparent, even though he will not go so far as to say he is a socialist or a communist. By revealing himself more accurately he has made the choice between himself and Romney abundantly clear. Every vote he gets in Nov will be a vote for bigger government, more entitlements, and huge deficits. Every vote against him will be for smaller government, less regulation, more freedom, less dependence and smaller deficits. We should be grateful to Obama for deciding not to masquerade as a moderate in 2012. Although not likely, it would be terrific if the Republicans in Congress finally woke up to how radical and extreme this man is, and if they stopped being so fearful of his black skin color. It's truly astonishing how political correctness has paralyzed the Republican Party and this entire nation.

  • Ah, a cop told me he was an Oath (Taker), I either misheard him or he mispoke. He said that meant that he would quit the force before turning on his fellow citizens. My question is, if you quit at the crucial time, do you not give over the authority and monopoly on guns and weapons to the thug cops attracted by power NOT honor? I question the strategy. One of the shops on Cafepress.com is "Oath Taker". Centers on the 4th Amendment.
  •  I guess that was one I missed however I'm an Oathkeeper as well as Veteran of many  faces because that is what it is going to take to break Free from this Mess! They will feel my wrath when I arrive. Take care Jude and cover your six at all times.

  • Vladimir Lenin advocated destroying the economy of a Capitalist Democracy in order to foment such sicial chaos as to facilitate its take over by Socialist elements (within). He als said the goal of Socialism is Communism. The Cloward-Piven strategy is an expansion of that proposition in that these two Left wing professors have designed a game plan to debauch the American economy and currency, which Obama and henchmen are following.
  • God Bless You Roland...are you a member of WRAM?


  • Never fear for we are here! the military veterans will not be silenced or ever back down from anything they throw at us!

  • I've posted in other threads here that I'm VERY afraid for the quite likely possibility that the November election we all are praying for is not going to happen. Between now and November, I expect an attempt by this regime to cobble up something that will give Obama what he needs to use all of the EO's/NDAA to declare martial law and "disappear" anyone who dares to continue to oppose his policies. People like Rush/Hannity/Talk radio will shut up or be "disappeared".. Its all there, all he needs is to "strike the match"... I've felt this was his endgame for a long time, but now we have at least one whistleblower from DHS saying the same thing.. As Lloyd Marcus said.. "May God Help Us"...

  • As Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King once said: "I have a dream - -" and I do have a dream, that WE THE PEOPLE shall persevere and overcome the "evil" in OUR House!

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