What do you call a political leader that refuses to heed the will of the people, refuses to obey the law, and openly punishes the nation's citizens when he doesn't get his way?  The only word I can think of is "TYRANT"

Indifferent to a 37% approval rating in the latest polls Obama continues to punish, in any way he can, the American people for not allowing him to force a political and economic model on this country that is overwhelmingly unpopular.

The majority of the people oppose Obamacare and wish to see it appealed or at least delayed.  Polls show that the American people, by an average of two to one, feel that the Debt Ceiling should not be raised without significant cuts to spending.  Why, in the face of these facts, would Obama, Reid and Pelosi shut down the government and refuse to even talk to the Representatives of the People?

Remember the roll of the Congress and Executive Branch.  The House of Representatives is the people’s voice in government.  The Senate is the individual states’ voice and the executive is the enforcement arm of government.  (We could discuss the failings of the Senate since the passing of the 17th Amendment, but that is a discussion for another day.)

Despite an unpopular position in the polls, Obama refuses to meet with the People's Representatives and instead chooses to punish the American People in every way he can possibly devise to force capitulation.  He wants to realign the distribution of powers defined in the Constitution and is prepared to use coercion to accomplish this goal.

We have seen it time and time again, from Fast and Furious, where he and Holder ran guns to the drug cartels to undermine the Second Amendment, to the disenfranchisement of conservative organizations by the IRS in order to sway elections.  He will use any means available to him to further his agenda which is the complete restructuring of the American system of government.

We should not be punished for expressing support for our elected officials, who in turn stand for our beliefs in the Congress.  Should he continue to deprive us of services and access that we have paid for solely as a reprisal for thwarting his will, we will have little recourse but to demand, by any means available to us, the restoration of these rights.  This is no longer about government spending.  It is now about the relevancy of the People's Representatives in opposition to tyranny.

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  • Who will topple the tyrant?

  • This is an excellent post. Also, there are some great comments here. What I would like to say, is that if this man is the Great Imposter, that means everything his regime is null and void. Why even attempt to sign up for something that is null and void. I think this is just a way to get money from the people, and your not even getting any healthcare in return, you are just giving all your personal information away. Anyone he has put into office, is also null and void...Oh and Dr James David Manning of Atlah.org, has tried repeatedly to get thru to the Black People, and the Black Churches, visit his website, he is very passionate, but most certainly tells the truth in his Newsmedia, I dont really listen on the TV anymore, as they do not report the truth.

  • You've got to have a good strategic plan to reach the black churches because many are still in the dark and are not truly listening. I do pray that All of the American people will wake up,so much damage has been done. There are very dangerous roads ahead, but I am optimistic that if the American people stand up and stand together, we can get America back. You are absolutely right

  • We need to ask support of black churches and give them the facts about Obama and "Fast and Furious!" It had to be payback to the MOB for supporting his election and it gave more drugs and corruption to our inner cities. It is time to ban together no matter what race or gender! We are all in this fight or we loose our most precious gift given to us by God and our Nation's Founders. God bless America, from sea to shining sea! The free world is watching us and praying for us! We stand together or we fall.


  • BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA is neither a tyrant, traitor, or a dictator. He is a fraud that was thrown on the American people, with support from the democrat-communists and the RINO wing of the Republican Party. What we need in America is an ethnic cleansing of the Republican Party. AND, the removal of this FRAUD that occupies the American White House. REMOVAL by whatever means necessary. Please do not contribute any money to the Republican Party. Support true conservatives and Tea Party members only. Never vote for the lesser of two evils. EVIL is EVIL. John McCain fits this category.
  • I have no doubt one of the conservative justices will have an unfortunate accident~~Once our first Marxist-Muslim Dictator Prez has control of the Supreme court~`Everything He wants will be rubber stamped by his fellow Commies on the court~~Congress will be irrelevant !



    Throughout history,from the Roman dictators,followed by Stalin,Hittler,Lenin,Mao and other crap,like Fidel Castro,Hugo Chavez,Morsi and othersare no story elements chronically ill "to be somebody in life,perverts,anti-social,war criminals,sexual degenerates,characters,"without history children without fathers recognized,children of a mother"easy virtue",promiscuous,that clung to the highest bidder...

    Those children,those bastards,are not clear,from which came,whom begot,who wandered from country to country,according as his mother,was aligned to better,match would have been African,Indonesian or some extraterrestrial...always become,in the worst scourge,when they have a power...And do not think,that bastard BARRY SOETORO or Emperor cheesy,EMBARRACK HUSSEIN NOBAMA,is a exception...

    Mediocre student and fraudulent,identified is School squabbles,pot smoker,with bold whit idylls,...identified and advocate fien fags and lesbians,apparently,has a vast experience in distributing his skinny ass,...

    With delusions of grandeur,with slave neuropathy,complex skin (like their congeners,and blindly supporting it,even a real shit)..

    I want to make clear to North Americans,these schizophrenic,addicted to power,pitiful and miserable worms,transformed from nothing,self-conscious,helpless real actions,are treacherous,blackmailers,murderers,cruel nad bloodthirsty,use the force,justify their lack of courage,cowardice,and have no scruples,when it comes to "impose their pranks,their crazy actions...at any price...

    Those who think,have an idyllic dream,whether they are waiting for a ""divine miracle",a defeat at the polls...with BARRY SOETORO or KING HUSSEIN NOBAMA,that is not the solution...to BARRY SOETORO,root must be removed,it disappear from the face of the earth,...erase his past,that dark spot in the history of our nation...that happens,like a nightmare...we were able to overcome...

    We have to overcome many obstacles,the Afro-Americans,Latinos parasites,mercenaries Mexicans,gays,communists entrenched in the Senate and Congress,the ""small bourgeois Socialists,",corrupts,treacherous,traitorous....TASK IT TITANS...and TITAN SONLY..

    Could the North-Americans,there will wage this battle...??there will be anger...///patriotism...??have the balls enough to face a battle against these pitfalls,...???Against this communist dictator,mentally ill,psychiatric Emperor possessed by the evil,with broad powers..""""TO DESTROY OUR NATION""""...??


    Have to migrate to other parts of the world...??Or inhabit prisions already are preparing for opponents the KENYAN FRAUDULENT.../?

    or die in the streets,under the orders of the dictator and his hordes murderous and vindictive???...Think about it NORTH AMERICANS...

    In this vindictive hordes,much hatred and despair,and are being used by the anti-Christ,anti-American,traitor,fraudulent,corrupt,..named Barry Soetoro...4086440370?profile=original4086440329?profile=original4086438700?profile=original4086440299?profile=original

  •  this "Tyrant" and his motley crew need to be fired .. as soon as the welfare gang and illegals understand that he is not on their side either, "We the People" will have enough votes to send them packing

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