Obama eligibility to be heard soon in Congress

For those not familiar with some of the details of this;

1. Mr obama placed a downloadable copy of what he alleged was his "long form" birth certificate on the White House website. Numerous individuals world-wide immediately took the document apart and quickly discovered it was a computer generated fraud.... it contains (if I remember correctly) twenty-three (23) different "layers" in a .pdf format that can only be accomplished by creating a document in Adobe - not scanning an original (which generates only one layer)... it also contains a font called "TrueType" that did not exist in 1961 nor can it be reproduced by any typewriter known to man - it came into being by way of Apple Computer in the 80's, licensed to Microsoft in 1991.

2. The Congressional Research Service (CRS) - as a CYA effort - wrote a document in 2011 that lays out the groundwork for what they called "eligibility" and it claims barack hussein obama meets the requirements of a "natural born citizen" under Article II, section 1, paragraph 5 of the Constitution of the United States.
There is one small problem with this "document"... it fails to cite or even mention the Landmark Supreme Court case 88 U.S. 162, Minor v. Happersett (1875) where Supreme Justice Waite very clearly set legal precedent defining the term "Natural Born Citizen" and how one came to meet the Constitutionally mandated term to become a US President.
Here is the link to the CRS doc; http://www.fas.org/sgp/crs/misc/R42097.pdf
Here is the link to 88 US 162;http://www.law.cornell.edu/supct/html/historics/USSC_CR_0088_0162_ZO.html

3. On April 10, 2008 Senate Resolution (SR) 511 was signed by the Senate Judiciary Committee allowing that Senator McCain met the Constitutionally mandated requirement of "Natural Born Citizen" because; a. Both of his parents were US Citizens and b. He was born on US soil (Military post, Panama - where his father was stationed).
SR-511 was cosigned by hillary clinton and barack hussein obama....
NOTABLE is the fact that there is NO corresponding Senate Resolution for barack hussein obama.............................................................................................
Here is the link to SR-511; http://www.govtrack.us/congress/bills/110/sres511/text

Many people (including a large number in Congress) falsely believe that if mr obama is removed from office that means joe biden is now president....
Completely untrue and a false statement.

If you research the Law, research the Constitution and Jefferson's papers you will quickly discover that if an issue of ineligibility occurs - everything the person has done, to include appoint a VP or sign a funding document for government - is immediately nullified!
That means that every person he appointed, regardless of position, is no longer in that job and may be required to repay the federal government anything they received as compensation.... (paycheck). It means that Congress will immediately have A LOT of work to do rewriting everything obama signed into law - as those "laws" will no longer exist due to nullification....
It means that the Speaker of the House is interim President until an election can be held - and that would be an immediate action item... not being forced to wait until 2016 to vote again.

It DOES NOT mean that McCain would be granted the position since he lost against obama in 2008 nor does it mean Romney would be for the same reason.....

It constitutes something called a "Constitutional Crisis" and Congress is deathly afraid of it.... My personal opinion is they are afraid of it because it will mean they will be working night and day to fix what five (5) years of their negligence and failure to uphold their Oath of Office has cost this Nation..... and I think they are afraid of it because it will expose their complicity to America and the World as unsuited for the position they hold..... in other words, they are all afraid of getting fired when the word finally gets out.

As a Nation of free men and women - we can work through that and prosper. Those that have not been fighting for freedom and attempting to stop this administration are deserving of what they receive.
If they finally decide to remove him - we the people win.... and I pray they do it soon - as this is the ONLY way many of them can redeem themselves in my viewpoint....

Treason walks not only the halls of our White House - it walks the halls of Congress....


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  • Mark,

    That IS the point....

    It is the easiest way to fix our nation and economy - but the HARDEST way for Congress......

    Millions of Jews waited for hitler to be "voted" out of office and look where it led. I am not willing to wait and I demand of our elected they do the job they were elected to do and uphold their Oath of Office.

  • Maybe if they can finally bring the illegal to justice we can throw out everything he has done since 08?

  • Damn Right.  And Congress damn well better start doing what they were Elected to do,  or, Oh yeah they will lose their Elected Posts.  The Fraud obama must be Charged with Treason and Multiple Counts of Murder, also Perjury.

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